WoW: Dragonflight has deadly boring boat ride over 60 minutes – everyone says “more of this please!”

WoW Boat Ride Dragonflight

A normally boring feature excites the alpha testers of World of Warcraft: Dragonflight. An endlessly long boat trip across many continents.

World of Warcraft Dragonflight relies on more adrenaline. Dragon Riding is fast, sometimes even twice as fast as the best riding out there. More speed is always good – right? Apparently not, because while Blizzard introduces the fastest locomotion ever in WoW, they also have the slowest.

We are talking about a boat trip that takes almost 50 minutes and sails through the whole of world history at a snail’s pace.

What is this boat trip? Unlike many other ship connections in World of Warcraft, the Tuskarr in Dragonflight seem to be a little more leisurely. Instead of connecting some important hubs every 5 minutes, you can get on a ship in Iskaara, which then cruises along comfortably and takes all the time in the world.

This route is taken by the Tuskarr boat. Image source: wowhead

The colleagues from wowhead have taken the whole journey and recorded how long the undertaking takes and where the journey is headed:

  • After 6 minutes you arrive in Northrend (WotLK), on the coast of Grizzly Hills. From there the ship sails south.
  • After 11 minutes we go to Azsuna (Legion). From there the ship sails past the Eye of Azshara and the Broken Shore.
  • After 17 minutes you arrive in Kul Tiras (Battle for Azeroth), between the island of Mechagon and Drustvar. After a short stop at Drustvar jetty, continue south.
  • After 22 minutes, the ship stops in Vash’jir, where you can mainly watch the wide sea – or start a small dive.
  • After 30 minutes, the ship reaches Zandalar (Battle for Azeroth) and the coast of the Vol’dun desert.
  • After 34 minutes, the ship reaches the shore of Kun-Lai Summit (Mists of Pandaria), passes Shadow Pan Monastery and from there to the Townlong Steppes.
  • After 43 minutes, it’s on to Kalimdor and Ahn’Qiraj, the fallen kingdom. From there you can see the huge Sword of Sargeras that is still in Silithus (and a large cave that’s great for roleplaying).
WoW Tuskarr Boat

After that, the ship returns to the Dragon Islands.

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The whole journey takes around 50 minutes.

Community reacts enthusiastically: The response to the boat trip has been overwhelmingly positive. It’s always praised that such details bring the world to life and give you something to “just unwind” in World of Warcraft. Some of the comments on this were:

  • “LOL that’s so cool!”
  • “We need more things like this.”
  • “I can’t wait to go on this scenic boat trip. “
  • “I love this, this is so cool! You need to put in more stuff like that for immersion. This is the stuff that flying tends to devalue.”
  • “That’s great! I love to afk just stand on the north end boats while they do their tour, this is even better! Plus; this is going to be really great for RP servers.”

The general mood is therefore rather positive and many are happy that such small highlights are not forgotten.

how do you see it? Do you think such small details as this long boat ride are cool? Or is that a waste of developer resources?