Activision Blizzard: Gaming giant allegedly stole design for new CoD skin

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Activision Blizzard’s reputation has been going down the drain for a long time. After numerous allegations of sexual harassment, it was finally revealed that CEO Bobby Kotick knew about the allegations. But even with the release of the new greedy Diablo Immortal Haven’t they just made friends? Now the billionaire corporation is said to be designing a small artist for their first-person shooter Call of Duty Vanguard Stolen to have. At least that’s what an independent artist who sent out a call for help on Twitter claims.

Did Activision Blizzard steal this artist’s design?

As part of the new update for Call of Duty Vanguard, the developers want the skin Loyal Samoyed publish. The artist named saillin5 claims, however, that Blizzard brazenly stole this design from him had. On Twitter he shows in one direct comparison the similarities between his work and the skin in CoD-Vanguard. In addition to the breed of the dog skin, this includes the bandana, which even has the same pattern. In addition, the Pocket on right thighl have been copied almost exactly. There are also many other small details.