Apple iPhone 14 Pro: Notes on the always-on display are condensed

Apple iPhone 14 Pro: Notes on the always-on display are condensed

from Michael Miskulin
It’s starting to look like Apple is planning an always-on display for the iPhone 14 Pro series. The next hints have appeared on the Clownfish wallpaper in iOS beta 4.

Further indications of an always-on display have emerged for the upcoming Apple iPhone 14 Pro. These were discovered in an iOS 16 wallpaper. It’s about the clown fish wallpaper of the first iPhone, which returns in the new operating system. This reports the Apple blog 9to5Mac.

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Clown fish wallpapers with new sleep mode in iOS 16

A special sleep mode was discovered in iOS 16 beta version 4, which darkens the background image so that it can then act as a wallpaper for an always-on display. Exactly such a display is currently assumed for the Pro series of the iPhone 14. In terms of functionality, this always-on display is supposed to be similar to the Apple Watch. From the Series 5 of the Apple Watch you can keep the screen activated all the time. In the inactive state, the screen is dimmed and the refresh rate drops to just 1 Hertz to save energy.

All backgrounds in iOS 16 beta 4 have a darkened mode to be able to use them as wallpapers in always-on mode. The clownfish in the corresponding wallpaper thus loses its bright orange, while the contrasts of the white stripes increase. This only works because Apple probably renders the background images in real time and no longer uses static images. Only in this way can the time disappear behind certain picture elements. This wasn’t the first hint of the possibility of an always-on display in the upcoming iPhone 14 Pro smartphones. Already in the first beta of iOS 16 there were three new frameworks that took care of the backlight management of the display and thus made a constantly activated display possible.

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Source: 9to5Macvia hot