Elden Ring: Pacifist Turtle Priest Wins Modified Battle Royale Battle

Elden Ring: Pacifist Turtle Priest Wins Modified Battle Royale Battle

from Michael Miskulin
A modder has pitted the field bosses from Elden Ring against each other in a modified Battle Royale match and wanted to know who will survive this battle of life and death in one piece. The result was probably not really close.

A modder created a battle royale battle between creatures in the Elden Ring and the pacifist turtle priest Miriel won. The Youtuber BjornTheBear let the 21 best animal field bosses compete against each other in a fight to the death on the battlefield of Caelid. He wanted to determine who is the strongest.

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A huge mess

The Battle Royale battles took place in multiple rounds, first with each creature at its normal power and then at the scaled power to match the match. kotaku noticed the video first. It features dragons, giant hands, terrifying giant lobsters, primal bears and more. The first round initially only ends with a tie between the Elder Dragon Greyoll and the Turtle Pope Miriel. In the second round, the finalists kill each other simultaneously and Miriel is declared the winner. You can watch the corresponding YouTube video for yourself here.

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Apparently the other creatures’ AI forgets about him and instead lets the other creatures fight each other – and only because the turtle is perfectly still and doesn’t move. Miriel has a bunch of health, so even if he’s attacked, a fight can take a bit longer. But pacifism finally triumphed. Of course, that should please his fans, who have taken the turtle pope into their hearts since they first ran into the giant creature.

Source: youtubevia kotaku