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The YouTuber Danny in an excerpt from his video.

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Of: Noah Struthoff

YouTuber Danny was charged with rape and has now been found guilty. The Twitch community is shocked. Even good friends distance themselves.

Nuremberg – YouTuber Danny has received a rape report. The District Court of Nuremberg has now sentenced Danny to a suspended sentence of one year and six months. His ex-girlfriend went public with the verdict, which is the first time this story has really become known. On Twitter, many Danny fans were shocked and there was a lot of encouragement for his ex-girlfriend.

Full name Daniel
Known as Danny
birthday not known
Place of birth Nuremberg
Subscribers on YouTube 148,000 (as of July 2022)
Followers on Twitch 249,000 (as of July 2022)

Danny: Rape verdict against YouTuber – Twitter is shocked

This is the verdict: On July 18, the Twitter channel published how sweet several images of a judgment. It shows the conviction of YouTuber Danny, who was reported for raping his ex-girlfriend. Now his ex-girlfriend published this verdict on Twitter and wanted to draw attention to what was happening. The tweet has since been deleted.

According to a statement, Danny was found guilty by the Nuremberg district court and sentenced to a suspended sentence of one and a half years. One of the reasons mentioned in the verdict was an anxiety disorder in Danny. He is said to have suffered from this disorder between the ages of 8 and 13.

We have already reached out to Danny for an opinion on the verdict and the current situation. We haven’t received an answer yet, but will update the article if there is an answer.

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How are the reactions? His ex-girlfriend’s tweet went viral on Twitter. Thousands of Danny fans were shocked by the verdict and former companions also spoke up. The terms “Danny” and “rape” trended on Twitter, among other things.

MontanaBlack, among others, spoke up. He asked his community incredulously if he understood correctly that Danny was found guilty of double rape. Most of the Twitter community seems to be similarly shocked.

Artist liaison Jan Rode, known for T-Low among other things, posted a picture of Danny to Instagram and captioned it, “In good times and bad.” This also caused outrage on Twitter. Shortly thereafter, Rode rowed back in a statement on his Instagram story. “The story came out after Danny told me he was having a hate wave, so I wanted to support him” he wrote. He only read the conviction after the picture was already online.

Rode apologized for the post and distanced himself from Danny in another post. He ended all cooperation with him. Danny was never part of his management, according to Rode.

YouTuber Danny convicted of rape – complaint filed by ex-girlfriend © YouTube: Danny

Who is Danny anyway? The YouTuber is currently best known for his VLOGs about the rapper T-Low. There he accompanies the newcomer at his concerts or in the studio and is now part of the close circle of friends of T-Low.

Previously, Danny was seen again and again in videos and streams from Twitch star Papaplatte. Danny also played various games live on Twitch himself. The YouTuber is no longer active there, but only entertains his community with YouTube videos. Both Papaplatte and T-Low have not yet commented on Danny’s verdict.

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In January 2021, YouTube caused a sexism scandal for the first time. There Danny received a shit storm because of a sexist saying about a streamer.

YouTuber Niekbeats defends Danny and reaps Shitstorm

This is how Niekbeats reacted: In addition to Danny, the streamer Niekbeats also caused controversy in the Twitter community. He defended Danny and previously wrote with the YouTuber’s ex-girlfriend. There he called the ex-girlfriend “a sick person” and referred to Danny as a “dear soul”. After the verdict became public, Niekbeats was asked again about chatting with Danny’s ex-girlfriend. To this he wrote “I still see it the same way, toppo“.

Only then did he find out about the publication of the verdict and quickly rowed back on Twitter. He only wanted to defend a good friend in the chat history, which he says was more than a year ago, without knowing the exact details of the case. Now he knows the details and is ashamed of his behavior. He deeply regrets what he said back then.

Have you yourself been a victim of sexual violence or do you have a similar case in your circle of acquaintances? The Federal Office for Family Helpline on 08000 116 016 will give you free advice and round-the-clock support.