Final Fantasy 16 Poll: Do you prefer action or turn-based combat?

Turn-based, ATB or real-time?  What do you want to see in future Final Fantasy parts?

Turn-based, ATB or real-time? What do you want to see in future Final Fantasy parts?

Final Fantasy 16 should be much more action-packed than we know from the classic parts of the series. In an interview with GamePro, producer Naoki Yoshida also praised the “non-stop action” of the latest RPG offshoot, which is said to ensure breakneck speed in the fights thanks to the lack of loading times.

The times of turn-based battles are probably finally over for the main offshoots of the series. The reason for this decision is apparently that you also want to appeal to younger players who didn’t grow up with the classic titles and prefer real-time battles instead.

Our freelancer Jonathan welcomes this decision, he explains why here:

Final Fantasy 16 doesn't use a turn-based combat system, and that's a good thing


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Final Fantasy 16 doesn’t use a turn-based combat system, and that’s a good thing

But what about the veteran Final Fantasy fans? Here the decision towards real-time battles does not seem to meet with everyone’s approval. Accordingly, we now want to know for sure and therefore ask the GamePro community: What is your favorite combat system in Final Fantasy?

We have three systems to choose from, which appeared in different parts of the series: On the one hand, the classic turn-based system, which was last seen in final fantasy 10 was the real-time combat system like in Final Fantasy 15 or a hybrid system that combines both elements. For example, the ATB bar in the original Final Fantasy 7 and the gambits from Final Fantasy 12 meant that we had to enter commands and wait for them to be executed in the classic way, but at the same time there was a real-time component.

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As always, a big thank you for your participation! And of course we would like to know from you in the comments what the reasons are behind your decision and whether you are more of a fan of the newer parts or the classic Final Fantasy games. Or maybe you even have a completely different idea for a combat system in Final Fantasy? Share it with us!