Fritzbox: AVM with laboratory update for FRITZ!Box 7590 AX, 7590 and 7530

Fritzbox: AVM with laboratory update for FRITZ!Box 7590 AX, 7590 and 7530

from Maximilian Hohm
AVM has published the new laboratory versions for its WLAN routers and other end devices. These introduce new features before they are included in final software versions and give an outlook on future technology. Highlights this time include WireGuard, better WiFi mesh performance, and a new GUI. Read more about this below.

The Berlin network and telephony specialists from AVM offer similar to the Microsoft developer channel, where users can test new functions in preview versions, Fritz! Laboratory. This contains new functions from development and is intended to give customers an initial preview of upcoming function updates that will later be available for their devices. Now the Fritz version is available! Labor 7.39 for the current Fritz models! box ready.

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New features include a revised user interface, new functions for the Fritz! Box paired Fritz! Fon devices, an extension of VPN support with WireGuard and other improvements. The Fritz! Box routers can also be used as mesh repeaters and should be able to deliver better performance with the new update. In addition, there is a caller announcement for Fritz! Fon devices while on the Fritz! Dect 440 a display for temperature and humidity history has been added. The smart home-enabled devices have also received new routines for automated interactions and the scenarios for different occasions.

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In order to be able to use the laboratory versions, the corresponding Fritz! Box must have the latest software version installed. If this is installed, the update can be downloaded from AVM and must then be unpacked. The user then needs to navigate to their router’s user interface to select “View: Advanced” in the footer. Now you can select “System/Update” under the tab menu. The previous router settings are saved under the “Fritz! OS file” tab and the path to the laboratory version can then be entered in the input field. Now all you have to do is click Start update and follow the on-screen instructions.

Source: AVM