GTA San Andreas HD Mod sharpens textures of the gangster classic

GTA San Andreas HD Mod sharpens textures of the gangster classic

from Michael Miskulin
For the mod GTA San Andreas HD: The Definitive Edition Classic, the latest version of its graphic enhancement pack has been released. It’s a mod that beautifies the textures of the original GTA San Andreas with higher resolution versions while maintaining the original title’s graphic style.

Unlike Rockstar’s own Definitive Edition of the title, which radically changed the original graphic style while making many characters worse and a disappointment in general, this mod gently sharpens the game’s base textures, making them look a lot sleeker on modern screens. “The Definitive Edition Classic is not intended to be a UHD mod, but to preserve the charm of the original game in better resolution,” writes modder Flyaway888. “Nothing is changed, but everything is clearly visible”.

Flyaway888 has also released a side-by-side comparison video showing the mod’s improvements. In some scenes, you may not recognize the changes immediately. However, they are most evident in the first image of CJ at the airport. If you look closely at the arrivals board in the background, it is much easier to read in the second image than in the first image. In any case, it’s good to have a more subtle way of graphics enhancement as an option.

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So if you want a nicer San Andreas, you can Download Definitive Edition Classic here at If you want to use the mod, you have to download all three parts of the mod. You must also own an original copy of San Andreas, including the original version on Steam, which Rockstar has since removed. So where you get this version from is up to you.