Jörgspielt: Strategic Command – American Civil War – News

Jörgspielt: Strategic Command - American Civil War - News


The first modern war, according to many historians, was the American Civil War – but is it a good idea to adapt Strategic Command’s WWII gamesystem to that?

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It’s really goofy, but I realized once again – as if I didn’t know it after all these years as a game editor – that you really have to play certain games longer before you can appreciate them. The goof is that our playtester job would be so much easier if we did it differently. In any case, I would Strategic Command—American Civil War after the first two or three hours wrote down roughly the following conclusion:

SCACW is more of an additional scenario than a new game and tries more badly than right to transfer the well-known (and much appreciated by me) gameplay from the Second World War to a completely different conflict. Unfortunately, the North American continent is a huge landmass in which the few initial units almost get lost. Whereby “initial units” is grossly exaggerated, at least in the first and longest scenario: The southern states start with not a single land unit, believe it or not, but only two gunboats. But they have about three dozen logically immovable forts, which I still have to painfully switch through with “Next Unit” until I eventually find said two gunboats.

The few river and coastal battles do not even begin to replace the sea operations in the Mediterranean, in the North Sea, in the Atlantic or even in the Pacific, as I did in Strategic Command—World at War find. In order to transfer the research system, individual prototypes such as the first submarines were desperately jazzed up to the military branch. At least the primitive yes/no principle in the decisions could have been reprogrammed: In order for me as a Confederate to decide between my “sponsor”, i.e. England, France or Spain, I actually first have to say yes or no to England, and in the event from no either yes (=France) or no (=Spain). Around …

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