Leak shows icon card downgraded to FUT Hero

Okocha FIFA 23 FUT Hero Card

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Of: Henrik Jansen

A leak is making the rounds within the FIFA 23 community, showing the downgrade of icons to FUT Heroes. The first player is already known.

Vancouver, Canada – EA has not been stingy with information about FIFA 23 in the past few days. However, a little more seems to have come to light than the publisher intended. A leak is currently circulating within the FIFA community, stating that previous Icon players could lose their status as Legends in Ultimate Team. In FIFA 23, known icons may be demoted to FUT Heroes.

name of the game FIFA 23
Release (date of first publication) September 29th
Publishers Electronic Arts
series FIFA
platforms PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC, Google Stadia
developer EA Sports
genre football simulation

FIFA 23: Icon cards get downgraded to FUT Heroes – Leak shows first candidate

Icon downgrade in FIFA 23: In FIFA Ultimate Team, the hunt for the most valuable cards in the game is always a great incentive to play the mode excessively. By far the rarest are the so-called icon cards, which can be adapted to any team without exception, regardless of the nation or league. Ronaldo, Maradona or Zidane are well-known examples.

FIFA 23: Leak shows Icon downgraded to FUT Hero © EA Sports / Futbin.com

However, in FIFA 23, some icons should now be downgraded to a FUT Heroes card. This should at least according to a leak Twitter be the case. The FUT Heroes are also former football players who were particularly convincing in one league. According to the leak, Jay Jay Okocha is already the first player known to be converted from an icon to a FUT Hero in FIFA 23. With this trick you can pre-order FIFA 23 for 10 euros.

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FIFA 23: Icon cards unpopular – FUT Heroes more affordable and attractive?

Icons fight for relevance: In past FIFA installments, we’ve seen some Icon players with lower overall ratings worry about their importance in Ultimate Team. Players like the aforementioned Jay Jay Okocha, for example, didn’t have the best stats to really belong to the meta in FUT.

If the leak turns out to be correct in FIFA 23, this step on the part of EA would make sense. Instead of three icon versions, Jay Jay Okocha would only receive one FUT Heroes card, which brings together his best stats. In addition, the prices of the FUT Heroes on the transfer market are a lot lower than those of icon cards. EA has already revealed three new FUT Heroes for FIFA 23.