Roller Drama: Lead your roller derby team to victory

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Lead five exceptional athletes to victory in Roller Drama.

Italian indie studio Open Lab Games (Football Drama) has unveiled its latest project, a visual novel and sports management mashup called Roller Drama, in which players lead a badass roller derby team to victory amidst societal collapse!

The developers announce, “After our debut story-driven football drama, we wanted to take everything we learned and push it even further,” said Pietro Polsinelli, Lead Designer at Open Lab Games. “From the hand-drawn graphics to the daring mix of genres, Roller Drama is pretty darn ambitious and weird. We want to offer the players a sporting triumph that they won’t find anywhere else!”

The game will be available for PC, Switch, iOS and Android in early 2023 and will soon be available for Playstation 4 and 5 as well as Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One.

Game features:

  • Interactive story with meaningful choices and multiple endings
  • Living, explorable universe
  • Real-time roller derby games
  • Coach a team of five athletes with very different personalities
  • Improve your team’s skills over time
  • Hand-drawn characters by award-winning illustrator Vic Macioci
  • Games with controllers or mouse + keyboard

Here’s an official trailer:

Check out the full Roller Drama screenshot gallery for more impressions.

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