Tomb Raider Next: Project Codename Jawbreaker is looking for a voice actor

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A Tomb Raider game codenamed Project Jawbreaker is rumored to be in the works.

In a previous post we reported that Crystal Dynamics is officially working on a new Tomb Raider title.

There is now new unofficial information about this game, with the possible code name Project Jawbreaker. There are details about the setting and how Lara Croft portrays herself in this part.

This information is derived from a script used to find voice actors for the Tomb Raider’s new adventures. Scripted by Colin Moriarty (@notaxation) covered in his podcast and allegedly sent to him by an insider.

The latest installment of Tomb Raider will therefore have a down-to-earth tone mixed with some “unique” elements.

The voice actors should be able to speak an authentic British accent, be around 1.70 m tall and aged between 30 and 40 years condition. Apparently, Lara is older in the new part than at the beginning of her story, when she was around mid-20s.

This assumption is consistent with some other information from the leak. Lara Croft will be a skilled protector of artifacts, and her adventures have even made it into the tabloids. That has to be an increase and a new generation of Tomb Raiders guided.

In Project Jawbreaker, the adventuress is plagued by loneliness and a problem she can only solve with the help of a team of grave robbers.

So the family drama from the predecessors has been overcome and new things are being devoted to, possibly involving a whole team of Tomb Raiders.

The well-known Tomb Raider formula seems to be turned on its head here. However, this is a rumor until the details are officially confirmed or denied.

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Feel free to discuss in the comments whether you agree with a new, supposedly more mature Lara Croft or whether you prefer to enjoy your heroine in the usual way. Would you rather accompany Lara alone or would you like to experience a whole team of new Tomb Raider figures?

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