Why Facebook and Instagram are now like TikTok: Meta’s surrender

Thanks to Metaverse - Facebook loses almost 3 billion dollars (1)

Not that long ago, I opened the Instagram meta-app and was amazed that I hardly ever saw pictures of the people I follow in my stream, but rather reels and sponsored content from random people , which I don’t know at all and which in most cases don’t interest me. To do this, the usual scrolling from top to bottom was replaced by a swipe up, and the posts in my stream “stuck” in the field of view with every movement, as if they were hanging on a rubber band.

I closed Instagram. Opened it up again, explicitly clicking the pink-orange camera button, and felt like I was in a fake movie. Namely in a TikTok film. Metas Instagram now behaves like the popular app of the video portal of the Chinese company ByteDance. An app that I intentionally deleted from my phone again because it is the absolute time killer. It is not without reason that TikTok is called a time machine. And now Instagram is a time machine too. And Facebook will too. If you haven’t previously viewed Facebook as such.