WoSchCa 7/29/22: About remakes and demakes – News

WoSchCa 7/29/22: About remakes and demakes - News


From old to new and vice versa: Dennis and Hagen look at expectations of remakes and explore the fascination for faux-retro projects on modern games.

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After the justified criticism of WoSchCa #157, the episode is now appearing in an adapted form: There are new opening credits and the original introduction has been removed.

Dennis has covered what can go wrong with remakes in his recent report and – you might be surprised to hear this as he doesn’t talk about it often – he’s a huge fan of a certain Victorian-set game by FromSoftware, one of which Demake fan project recently received attention again. So it’s the polish of “Blasts from the Past” and vice versa a retro time travel with an actually modern game. Rounding out this time-travel frenzy is a peek into the crystal ball of the future of Grand Theft Auto.

The timecodes of this edition:

  • 01:20 The welcome
  • 01:32 We’re getting closer to the second main goal of crowdfunding for the Japan 2022 documentary
  • 04:18 Looking at your comments below the report Remakes – The Biggest Mistakes shows: Opinions on successful new editions differ
  • 15:02 A new Noclip documentary is dedicated to the fan demake of Bloodborne (in the test, grade 9.0). Transferring the beginning of the FromSoftware title to a PlayStation 1-Aesthetics don’t make the game worse, but different and that holds its own fascination, especially for the two podcasters, although they have much stronger memories of another console of the time (to the news)
  • 26:05 Allegedly returns GTA 6 returns to Vice City and features two play figures based on Bonnie and Clyde. In addition, the question…
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Published on 06/29/2022: As always, Jörg and Hagen are looking at the games industry, but they also talk about topics that affect society as a whole.

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