WoW: Mages smack raid bosses with one-shot thanks to PvP talent!

WoW: July 29, 2022 Hotfixes - Sandblasted Relics now account-wide (1)

If you haven’t been playing WoW since yesterday, you’ve got sayings like “The boss can’t do anything! He falls over after the first hit!” already met once or twice. But who would have thought that, for once, such a saying would no longer be an exaggeration, but would become reality. And we’re not talking about a dungeon boss from an old expansion, but about a current raid boss – more precisely, the penultimate boss of the current raid Mausoleum of the First, namely Rygelon.

The well-known WoW player Rextroy, who has already defeated raid bosses solo in the past or sent players to the spirit healer via one-shot in Durotar, has now knocked him down with a single attack. All he needed was one cold cone unleash with a whopping 30 million damage – which was easier than you might think.