Amazon is hitting you with two discount campaigns for games

Aloy on the hunt for a Sony PS5.

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Of: Philip Hansen

PS5 games are cheap on Amazon. The retailer is currently offering discounts where you can save over 50 percent. You should strike quickly.

Hamburg – Amazon regularly sells the PS5 online. In line with this, there are now two discount campaigns where PlayStation users can save a lot. We’ve picked out the best bargains for you – there are unknown pearls for the small purse, but also the really big blockbusters that get everything out of the Sony console.

Console name PlayStation 5 (PS5)
Manufacturer Sony Interactive Entertainment (YOU)
Type Stationary game console
generation 09th console generation
storage medium Blu Ray, SSD
release November 19, 2020

Buy PS5: At Amazon you save twice on PlayStation games

This is how we selected the offers: Amazon lures buyers of a PS5 with two discount campaigns. You can really save if you take advantage of the best offers. We have scoured the deals on Amazon and show offers for every budget. The first discount campaign lets you buy three games, but only pay for two – this includes rather smaller games that not everyone has on their screens yet. The second discount campaign relies entirely on the big blockbusters that everyone should have played.

Amazon: 3 PS5 games for the price of 2 – everything about the discount campaign

This is how the discount campaign works: Simply add the games from the bulging offer section to your shopping cart on Amazon. If you then want to pay and have 3 games in your shopping cart, Amazon automatically calculates the discount – the cheapest of the 3 games is free – so you can save up to 40 euros, for example, depending on which games you choose. We have rummaged through the deals and are showing you the best offers conveniently in an overview:

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These are the best deals:

PS5 games: Over 50 percent discount on Amazon on Blockbuster

The best PS5 games on offer at Amazon: The games listed here are cheaper and some are real heavyweights that every gamer should have played. We have selected the biggest discounts and best game titles from the extensive deals:

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Aloy from Horizon Forbidden West impressively shows what’s possible on the PS5 © Guerrilla Games/Sony

How long are the offers available on Amazon? You have time from July 18, 2022 to August 2, 2022 for the “Buy 3 games, pay 2” deal. So you don’t have to rush. However, the blockbuster offers do not have a uniform expiry date. If you find a title here that you like, you should grab it early. If there is nothing for you in the two discount campaigns, it is worth taking a look at another retailer: OTTO currently has PS5 accessories and games with strong discounts.

Buy PS5 from Amazon: When will the console be available again?

Here are the odds on the Sony console: The PS5 was regularly available on Amazon in July. The last drop was only on Monday, 07/25. So if you are still without a (PS5) ticket, you should keep an eye on the shipping giant, the chances are drop. In our PS5 Live Ticker you can also compare all dealers and get real-time daily analyzes of the availability of the Sony console.

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