Availabilities of the week – where could supplies come from?

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In the search for the PS5 from Sony, it could pop up again in many places this week. But which retailers are currently particularly hot?

Hamburg – Sony’s PS5 has appeared at numerous retailers in recent weeks. In some cases, the coveted console was also available for several hours. The intensity could continue this week. Numerous dealers are hot and large quantities of consoles could be sold again. But which providers are particularly hot and where can we expect supplies? Here is the big overview.

Console name PlayStation 5 (PS5)
Manufacturer Sony Interactive Entertainment (YOU)
Type Stationary game console
generation 09th console generation
storage medium Blu Ray, SSD
release November 19, 2020

Buy PS5: Availabilities this week – where to find supplies?

This is the current PS5 situation: The past week has been very productive for the PS5. Big retailers like MediaMarkt, Saturn and Amazon have all sold the console. But there were also surprising supplies from providers such as Medimax and Kaufland. In general, many retailers seem to have come to the PS5 at the moment. That sounds like a productive week ahead.

These dealers are particularly hot: This week there is again a mixture of the big names and some insider tips that could sell supplies. These retailers are currently particularly hot:

  • Buy PS5 at MediaMarkt and Saturn: There was a pretty chaotic drop at MediaMarkt and Saturn in the last week. Both dealers each offered a bundle, which sold out in no time. There were also a number of cancellations of orders. Usually there are always large quantities of consoles for sale here. We’ve been waiting for a big, real drop here since May. This week it could finally be time, especially since the retailers have recently shown that there is still something to get in the online shop.
  • Buy PS5 on Amazon: Amazon has been hot almost every week for the last few months. Here, supplies are almost always available on Wednesdays. It is not always sold directly in Germany, but sometimes also in other European countries. An order to Germany is possible without any problems. There were supplies directly in Germany in the last week, which is why it is rather unlikely that there will be another drop this time. Countries like Great Britain (there was already a drop here this Monday) or Spain should be able to offer the PS5.
  • Buy PS5 from OTTO: Alongside MediaMarkt, Saturn and Amazon, OTTO is one of the largest retailers in Germany. The three other shops received supplies in the last week, but not OTTO. So it could be time for fresh consoles again. The retailer last sold the PS5 in early July.
  • Buy PS5 at GameStop: In the past few weeks, GameStop has blossomed into a real insider tip for everything to do with the PS5. The dealer sold the console several times in June and July. But lately things have calmed down a bit. But that could indicate that a new drop is pending. GameStop is happy to sell the PS5 at the end of the month.
  • Buy PS5 from Expert: Expert is of particular interest to those who are on the waiting list at a branch. Since last week, more and more branches have been getting supplies. It’s also worth calling here without being on the waiting list. Some branches have consoles directly in stock. In the online shop, on the other hand, there should be no more supplies for the time being.
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Buy PS5: Availability from 25.07. – These 6 traders could drop in the week. © Sony/IMAGO (montage)

Buy PS5: Consoles for everyone in winter? That’s the odds

This is how the PS5 situation could develop: You can currently see that more and more interested parties are coming to the PS5. Demand is still high, but not as huge as it was a few months ago. This is also due to the fact that more and more scalpers are leaving the market because offers on eBay and Co. are no longer so profitable. This creates more space for “normal” buyers.

If demand continues to fall and Sony continues to keep deliveries constant, then the console should even be in the store without any problems by winter. The coming months will be crucial. If you don’t want to miss a drop, we recommend buying our PS5 live ticker. There we report every sale in Germany.