Coming soon to Steam: summer camp simulator Camp Canyonwood as a survival game

Coming soon to Steam: summer camp simulator Camp Canyonwood as a survival game

from Michael Miskulin
Next week on August 4th, the summer camp simulator called Camp Canyonwood will be released as an Early Access title on Steam. Players can take on the role of Camp Canyonwood’s newest caretaker, mentoring campers, teaching them new skills, earning badges, and working to renovate camp.

First, players at Camp Canyonwood must rebuild the ailing summer camp. An initially sparse tent camp quickly becomes log cabins if you collect enough resources and invest time in the construction. Restoring summer camp to its former glory requires teaching new campers activities like fishing, archery, and more each summer. Players must protect them from natural and supernatural dangers. So you keep the campers happy to earn money to improve the campsite.

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Typical summer camp activities include fishing, archery, rock picking and star gazing. However, as each camper has an individual personality with very different quirks and preferences, the player must balance all of this to ensure their guests have a great time. As a summer camp leader, you keep an eye out for dangers such as snakes, bears – but also extraterrestrials.

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Camp Canyonwood is very reminiscent of the survival game Don’t Starve in its presentation and gameplay. Camp Canyonwood is expected to remain in Early Access for about a year, and the full version will include additional biomes, additional badges and activities, additional in-game encounters and events, controller support, and more, according to the developers.

Source: Steam