First gameplay demo of Dr Disrespect shooter released

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In the past we have reported more often about Dr Disrespect and its relatively fresh development studio. This is currently working on their first own FPS project, including the implementation of NFTs. Now not only the name of the game has been announced, but also a first gameplay demo has been published on the studio’s website. That’s the official name of the studio’s multiplayer shooter deadrop. While the demo is only available to verified users of the developer’s website, numerous YouTubers have not only talked about it, but also published video material of it on YouTube. Accordingly, interested shooter fans can already get a first impression of the game far from their opinion of Dr Disrespect.

content of the demo

The focus of the first “Snapshot” is mainly on the movement and the first available weapon. In a small area you can test the Assault Riffle, walk around a bit, try your hand at a shooting range or experiment with the physics of the objects. Since this is a very early build of the game, it is of course questionable to what extent it will ultimately be representative of the final product. The studio emphasizes that fans can send feedback on the snapshot. The relevance of the community comes up again and again in the marketing of the multiplayer shooter.