Grounded: Survival title release date announced

Obisdian game becomes TV series, Star Wars writer on board (1)

Obsidian Entertainment has the release date for their survival game grounded officially announced. The title, whose scenario is strongly reminiscent of “Darling, I shrunk the children”, is to be released on September 27, 2022 for the personal computerthe Xbox Series X/S and the Xbox One come on the market. In a YouTube video, the game’s game director Adam Brennecke announced the message and talked about the title’s two-year anniversary. Finally went almost exactly two years ago Early Access version of the survival game at the start. We also talked about the game in a preview back then and were quite impressed with what was available at the time.

The future of Grounded

In addition to the release date and the anniversary, Brennecke spoke about two other aspects. For one, the game director talked about the latest update that was released for the Early Access version of the game. In this there are new features and numerous small changes for fans to marvel at.

In addition, Brennecke was once again very pleased with the announcement that there will be a TV series for Grounded. We also reported a few days ago that you are currently working on a animation series to the Obsidian game works. However, it is currently not known when exactly the series, in which the cinematic director of Halo 4 and Halo 5 is involved, will be released.