Indonesia bans Steam, Epic, Origin and more

Indonesia bans Steam, Epic, Origin and more

Due to new regulations in Indonesia, Steam, PayPal, Yahoo, Epic Games, Origin and more, among others, have been temporarily suspended in the Southeast Asian country.

The bans are not permanent, but they are intended to remain in place until companies agree to the newly introduced regulations.

What is it about?

According to data from Nico Partners The regulations of Kominfo, the Indonesian Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, were introduced.

They stipulate that companies should register with Kominfo by July 29, 2022, otherwise there is a risk of being blocked. Registered companies include Google, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Netflix, Apple and others.

According to Niko Partners’ Daniel Ahmad, Kominfo has already contacted the affected companies to resolve the situation.

Ahmad describes it as “registration with additional access”. The report said companies must allow the government access to users’ personal information, but this could violate privacy rights.

In addition, there is talk that “a company can be sued if certain content is considered to be ‘disruption to public order’ without providing further details on what this means.”

As the largest games market in Southeast Asia, Indonesia is not an unimportant region for the industry. Kominfo itself speaks of more than 170 million users here, and the market is worth around one billion dollars.

To what extent Steam and other companies will bow to these new regulations or not remains to be seen.

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