Intel’s Arc desktop graphics cards are scheduled to launch between August 5th and September 29th

Arc Alchemist: Intel's graphics cards also support Vulkan 1.3

from Maximilian Hohm
According to information from Igor Wallossek of Igors Lab, Intel’s new Arc desktop models are scheduled to be released between 08/05 and 09/29. Intel seems to be aiming for a secret launch with selected testers, so that objective comparisons can only be made when it is widely available. Read more about this below.

Intel seems to need more time than originally assumed with its graphics cards and in particular the development of drivers that also load the hardware in games that do not work with DX12 and has therefore already postponed the launch several times. Now Igor Wallossek from Igors Lab wants to have found out a period in which the graphics cards could be launched. This is between August 5th and September 29th and is broad enough that Intel could also present several models separately with corresponding events.

Intel Arc A750 with VRR in Death Stranding

Three major models are planned and will be released during this period. On the other hand, it is atypical that Intel is not planning a big launch event, as is often the case with other manufacturers, but instead relies on a launch without a stir. With this, selected media receive test copies and it becomes known that the product has come onto the market, similar to Nvidia’s approach to the Geforce GTX 1630.

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Intel already seems to be preparing cards that are to be issued to selected media. Whether the leek will take place first in China and then in Europe, as with the Arc A380, is not certain. According to the information from Igors Lab, the board partners who manufacture the new GPUs also have to comply with very strict guidelines regarding the Arc graphics cards, so that really objective tests can only be given when they are widely available in stores.

Source: Igor’s Lab