Pokemon Go Counter Guide: Community Day Galarian Geradaks in Tier 4 Raids!

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First things first, Galarian Geradaks will appear in Pokémon Go on August 13, 2022 from 2:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m catch more Galar Zigzachs. In case its after completing the actual Galar Zigzax spawns for August 2022 Community Day wanted to have a few more ^^

Also, as usual, to participate in a Community Day Tier 4 Raid in Pokémon Go, you must be within the arena perimeter and checked in with a Raid Pass or Premium Battle Pass. Joining with remote raid passes is not possible. Below you will find all the important information for a successful fight against Galar Geradaks in Pokémon Go – have fun!

Galarian Geradaks as a raid boss

Galarian Geradaks is a rare type combo, Dark and Normal. As such, it is incredibly vulnerable to Fighting-type attackers. If you really want to smack Galar Geradaks, you should definitely pay attention to the weather in the Pokémon Go app, because when the sky is overcast, Fighting-type attacks are boosted and your Pokémon deal a lot more damage.

If you’re not that good at attacking with Fighting-type attacks, you can also fall back on the following types: Bug (boosted when it’s raining) and Fairy (boosted when it’s overcast). Of course, it is also worth paying attention to the weather here. Galar-Geradaks opposes you with 17,811 CP and doesn’t seem that strong at first. But keep in mind that this is a Tier 4 raid and it has already become clear with Duodino and Staravia that raids should not be taken lightly. At a Community Day, however, it shouldn’t be a problem to find a few other trainers to team up to take on Galar Geradaks! Below is a list of the best counters against Galarian Geradaks.

  • Crypto Machamp with counter and balancing punch
  • Lucario with counter and aura sphere
  • Crypto Hariyama with counter and balancing punch
  • Mostagrif with counter and balancing punch
  • mahomey with counter and balancing punch
  • mega slacker with foot kick and focus kick
  • Galarian Zapdos with counter and melee
  • cap mushroom with counter and balancing punch
  • clamp with foot kick and focus kick
  • Maskito with counter and power colossus
  • Hariyama with counter and balancing punch
  • Crypto Simsala with counter and focus push
  • Blair with counter and focus push
  • Crypto Galagladi with kick and melee
  • Scaraborn with counter and melee
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