Pokémon trainers want a new guy after 9 years – should the sound come now?

Pokémon Jigglypuff Caterpillar and Dubby

In November, the newest offshoots of the Pokémon series will be released with the games Crimson and Crimson. The titles are intended to introduce the 9th generation of pocket monsters and the community is already hotly discussing which new mechanics and Pokémon could be introduced. The possibility of a new Pokémon type is also up for debate.

What is the background of the discussion? With the introduction of a new generation, the popular little monster franchise occasionally gets new types that determine a Pokémon’s element.

In the second generation, which produced the games Gold, Silver and Crystal, the types Steel and Unlicht were added. Included were, for example, the new monsters Nachtara and Despotar (dark) as well as Stahlix and Scherox (steel), who were to embody the introduced types from then on.

With the sixth generation and the games X and Y released in 2013, the fairy type followed, which was supposed to be a direct counter to the strong dragon Pokémon. But with generations 7 and 8 there were no further innovations.

Fans of the franchise have been waiting for an additional guy for 9 years – or are fighting against its introduction. Especially now that the release of the 9th generation is imminent, the debate is topical again. Right in the middle is a Pokémon type that the community came up with years ago: the sound or sonic type. The question arose whether there will be a new type among the new pocket monsters of the upcoming games, which also include the hero of the Internet Lechonk.

If you want to get a first impression of Pokémon Crimson and Crimson before discussing the sound type, we’ll embed the trailer here:

Pokémon in multiplayer: new editions crimson and purple show release in the trailer

Deafening Noise: Sound-type uses sound and shouting

What distinguishes the sound type? The Sound type is aimed at Pokémon that excel at making (loud) noises or that use sound to weaken their opponents.

In the German variant, the type could be translated as “Schall” instead of “Sound”.

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Which attacks would be of the sound type? As with the existing Pokémon, there are also a selection of attacks that would match the sound type.

These attacks are currently usually of the Normal type, but produce a noise or sound wave when executed and would therefore be ideally suited as a Sound type. The following attacks would be suitable for the sound or sonic type:

  • Howler
  • howler
  • chalk scream
  • singing
  • howler
  • canon
  • revolt
  • super sound
  • sound wave
  • reverberation
  • sonic boom

Against which Pokémon types these attacks would be very effective would probably only show up in a possible release. Accordingly, it is also unclear which pocket monsters are particularly strong or resistant or weak and susceptible to the sound type.

Pokémon: Strengths and Weaknesses – Type Effectiveness in the table

Sonic in the Pokémon world: from Flurmel to Riffex

Pokemon that have already received a new type: With the introduction of a new type, new Pokémon are usually created that embody that type. We’ve already seen this approach with the examples of Nightara and the Dark-type, with Steelix as a Steel-type Pokémon and Sylveon as a representative of the Fairy-type.

But in addition to the introduction of new monsters, there are also well-known Pokémon that receive the new types. Examples are:

  • Meowth and Snobilikat got the Dark-type in the Alola version.
  • Magnetilo and Magneton were only Electric-types in Generation 1, and added Steel-types with the release of Generation 2.
  • Pii, Piepi and Pixi were of the Normal type in generations 1 to 5 and exchanged this for the Fairy type from the sixth generation onwards.
  • Fluffleuff, Jigglypuff and Wigglytuff received from generation 6 the Fairy types in addition to the Normal types.

Which Pokemon could get the sound type? The chubby pink monster Jigglypuff is also one of the examples of Pokémon that could get the Sound-type. It has had the attack “Song” since generation 1 and learned it at level 1.

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In addition, it has also been seen in the anime for years with a microphone in its hand and has been singing everyone to sleep ever since. Fluffypuff, Jigglypuff, and Wigglypuff could lose the Normal type accordingly. But there are other Pokémon that would be ideal for the Sound type.

Jigglypuff sings other Pokémon to sleep. Image Credit: Pokémon Anime Season 2 Episode 7

The German YouTuber PokéBazi has given some thought and presented a video of a number of well-known Pokémon that he thinks could get the sound type. Below you can see a small selection of the pocket monsters that he considers useful.

  • Flurmel, Krakeelo and especially Krawumms: The three evolutions have moves like Riot, Howl, Howl, Super Sonic, Chalk Sonic, and Sonic Wave that create noise or sound waves. In addition, the syllable “Kra” in the name points to the term “Krach” and the appearance of Krawumms to an organ.
  • chatty: The name of Plaudergei is made up of the terms “chat” and “parrot”. It has attacks like Song, Canon, Reverberation, Riot, and Sound Wave. Music notes are also incorporated into the design of the bird Pokémon.
  • Sonicquap, Mebrana, and Branawarz: The Water-type Pokémon have a kind of bumps on their bodies that they can use to create oscillations and vibrations. The production of tones or sound is also reflected in the names. Sonic Quap is made up of “sonic” and “tadpole”. Branawarz is called Gamageroge in the original Japanese. The name contains the term “gerogero” – the Japanese sound word for the croaking of a frog.
  • Meloetta: Meloetta’s hair represents a sheet of music and the body shape is reminiscent of a microphone. The name includes the term “melody” and the Pokémon’s attacks are also reminiscent of the production of sounds (song, repeat, wake-up call, sound wave).
  • reefex: Riffex’s design is speculated to be based on a salamander and a punk rocker. This is also reflected in a Riffex ability called “Punk Rock” (via pokemon.com). Riffex can use his fingers to vibrate the “fins” on his upper body to create sounds reminiscent of an electric guitar.
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Below we embed the video of PokéBazi in which he lists Pokémon that he thinks deserve the sound type:

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Split opinion: “No one needs it”

How do the players feel about the sound type? Below the PokéBazi video, some YouTube users comment on the sound guy and say if they think it’s useful. Many like the idea, but worry about effectiveness and balancing.

  • Tenryu: “My problem with a sound type was […] always that I lack the imagination to logically integrate it into the type table and at the same time provide added value in balancing.”
  • DennisBIH: “I find it difficult to integrate new types.”
  • iD0uble4UstrUble: “Sound type is all well and good, but I’m really interested in how it affects other guys and vice versa. It’s hard for me to imagine.
  • deadlui_: “I really don’t think a new type is necessary, but I can imagine that the sound type will appear in Pokémon”
  • Rufjetkin: “[…] Nobody needs the sound guy.”

A YouTube user Manu goes a step further in his comment and directly answers the question the YouTuber asked during the course of the video whether the viewers wanted other types: “Sound suits so many Pokémon so well. I could imagine antique as well. This would also go well with Pokémon Crimson. I could also imagine the Tech-type, for example with the new Legendary Pokémon from Crimson.”

What do you think of the idea of ​​the sound guy? Do you think the idea makes sense, or do you think Pokémon should stick with the current types? Write it to us here on MeinMMO in the comments!

Another important question Pokemon fans are asking ahead of the release of Crimson and Crimson is which starter will you use in the new games?