Star Wars – The Acolyte: Possible spoilers for the Disney Plus series

Star Wars: Episode 9: Leia Organa Solo

Numerous Star Wars projects are currently in production. Next to the Ahsoka series or the feature film by Taika Waititi counts Star Wars: The Acolyte to the largest projects that are currently being worked on. So far, however, relatively little is known about the Disney Plus series. However, this could change with some possible leaks. Lots of potential details about the series have been gathered on the Bespinbulletin page. It was official until now that the series should play 50 to 100 years before Episode 1.

What happens in The Acolyte?

The main female character of the series, aurasupposed to be on the planet Sanshiro grow up in a village. This is exactly what is attacked by hostile species from time to time. Apparently, however, there are numerous Jedi who protect the village from such attacks. However, there is a deal for this protection, according to which the Jedi take children from the village to train them as future Jedi Knights.

One of these children is Aura’s sister, Miri. After the Jedi arrive too late in an attack on the village, Aura’s grandfather dies. Because of this bad experience, the main character of the series is said to have the so-called Acolytes to join. There should also be a series of competitions that Aura has to compete with another character in order to be allowed to join the Acolytes at all. In addition, there is said to be a search for a possible Sith apprentice within the Acolytes.

So there could be a possible duel between the corresponding Sith Lord and Aura, if the reports are to be believed. After all, the Sith Lord, codenamed Paul, is only supposed to appear in the first season.

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