The Waterfront: Find Treasure – Season 3 – News

The Waterfront: Find Treasure - Season 3 - News

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Jurgen, Andrew and Christopher, the adventure team of the GG user podcast, are back with a new game. After the Amiga classic Ooze – When the spirits grew mellow and the PC Artventure Hexuma – The Eye of Kal the vivacious trio now takes on another computer system.

The three fast-paced puzzle friends wind their way through an extraordinary adventure and travel with you into the world of The Yawn. This 1990 text adventure from the company that was only released for the C64 Byterides came with the Golden Disk 64. The three excited adventurers experience some weird moments in an entertaining fantasy world full of dangers and let you participate in them in their usual charming and chaotic way.

From now on, you can find out every two weeks on all relevant podcast portals or, of course, on whether the goodness and quality of the puzzles will push the brainpower of the dynamic three to their limits or whether breaking the fourth wall too often will cause one or the other outcry the home page of the gas station.

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