Tomb Raider: Alleged details of the next part show Lara at the peak of her career

Tomb Raider: Alleged details of the next part show Lara at the peak of her career

We know that a new Tomb Raider based on Unreal Engine 5 is in the works. Allegedly, the first details have now been leaked.

These should be loud Sacred symbols (via VGC) come from a script used for casting actors.

An experienced Lara Croft is no longer alone

While the recent reboot trilogy focused on a young Lara Croft, the new game is set to go in the opposite direction and show Lara at the peak of her career, so to speak.

According to the script, the game is internally dubbed “Project Jawbreaker” and described as “an action-adventure game set in a modern world rocked by a mysterious cataclysm.”

More news about Tomb Raider:

They are looking for an “authentically British” actor in their mid-30s, the role is said to include “romantic scenes with another female character”.

“Lara Croft is now at the peak of her powers,” it is said to be. “Gone are the days of the young, inexperienced woman grappling with her heritage and family lineage.”

“Lara has left her childhood behind and embraced the life of an adventurer… her legendary career has been lauded and made the tabloids, adventure stories that have inspired a new generation of tomb robbers to seek their fortune in the world Looking for.”

“With this new phase in her life, Lara accepts her place among the ruins. For many years, Lara delved into the depths of forgotten places, playing cat and mouse with many nefarious foes, and working to uncover, preserve, and repair the world’s lost secrets protect them from falling into the wrong hands.”

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There is talk of a new team aspect that could mean there are multiple characters involved in the gameplay. There is talk of additional tomb robbers, including the characters Devendra and Tanvi.

“Over the years, Lara has become lonely at the top. The beginning of the next chapter presents Lara with a typically adult problem: she is faced with something too big to handle alone. In this new adventure, Lara will face a challenge encounters that she can only handle with a team at her side. Cooperation is alien to her: She has always been successful on her own, so in this situation she is like a fish out of water.”

Officially, there are still no concrete details about the next Tomb Raider.