WoW Dragonflight: Glory system is actually becoming twin-friendly!

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from Sarah Petzold
The WoW Shadowlands fame system is returning in the upcoming Dragonflight expansion, but according to lead game designer jeremy Feasel, it’s set to become a lot more twink-friendly. Dataminers have now found out exactly how twink-friendly it will be – and WoW fans can be happy.

When WoW’s lead game designer Jeremy Feasel announced the return of the fame system in the upcoming WoW expansion Dragonflight, he promised that the feature would become twink friendly. However, the developers did not reveal exact details. Now, however, the data miners from Icy-Veins have discovered new clues as to how the fame system in Dragonflight works – and what the said twink friendliness is all about.

An achievement shows what to expect from the fame system in Dragonflight

Feasel explained in an interview a few months ago that there will be four factions in Dragonflight, each with their own level of fame. Each of the four factions – Iskaara Tuskarr, Dragonscale Expedition, Valdrakken Pact, Maruuk Centaurs – has its own Glory bar, similar to the Pacts in Shadowlands. An achievement that will make its way into the game in patch 10.0 now gives a first indication of how many fame levels we can reach at the beginning of Dragonflight.

The achievement has the working title “Dragonscale Expedition Rank 30”. The only requirements for achieving the achievement are that players must reach rank 30 in the Glory system in the Dragonscale Expedition. Conversely, this means that we can unlock 30 levels of fame for each of the four factions when Dragonflight is released.

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