WoW: Season 4 brings fat buffs for almost all jewelry from the raids

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With the fourth season of WoW: Shadowlands, the Blizzard developers are starting a gigantic experiment on how to keep old content and old items up to date longer. The Destiny Raids with upgraded loot let us go into a different raid each week and ensure we have an unprecedented selection of gear. The amount of weapons and jewelry alone is gigantic.

But so that we don’t have to wait endlessly for the desired item, the developers have introduced the dinar dealers, where we can buy up to three items directly – mainly weapons and jewelry, all of which come from the three raids. And obviously the developers want to make sure that we take advantage of this offer. Because at the start of the season most of these gems will be properly buffed – sometimes by up to 25 percent!

The developers also want to compensate for the fact that many classes have to do without their previous best-in-slot gems. Adjusting the Mythic Plus dungeons, trinkets are like that Irrepressible changeling soon no longer available at the then highest item level. A few dungeon jewels will even be nerfed so that they definitely cannot compete with the new items even at a lower item level Blood Spattered Scale as well as that Inscrutable quantum device 25 percent damage, absorption, and secondary stats.