WoW WotLK Classic gets a release date and Lost Ark shows the next new class

WoW WotLK Classic gets a release date and Lost Ark shows the next new class

There was a lot of good news this week in both WoW and Lost Ark. But even with the smaller MMORPGs there are a lot of positive things to report. All the important MMORPG news of the week can be found here.

The highlights of the week:

The excitement of the week: The German MMORPG Tibia breaks a taboo that most genre representatives don’t dare to and allows you to sell characters.

The discussion of the week: Guild Wars 2 could be coming to Steam as early as August, but will it have the success the developers are hoping for?

We also show you the first two dungeons of WoW Dragonflight in the video:

WoW Dragonflight: All information about the first 2 dungeons – with alpha gameplay

ESO is changing the combat system for the 4th time in a year and players are getting annoyed

This is what happened in the big MMORPGs:

This is what happened with the small MMORPGs:

  • The 6th season of the hardcore league starts in Dungeons and Dragons Online and brings with it a perma-death mechanic.
  • Black Desert finally gets the Awakening for the Drakania class in its latest update, Dawn of Dragons (via massivelyop).
  • The developers of Star Wars: The Old Republic are revealing the first details about the next update 7.1, which will be released on August 2nd (via
  • The MMORPG with the craziest characters, Chimeraland gets new dungeons, events and more in its latest update (via

You can also see the awakening of the Drakania in Black Desert here in our video:

MMORPG Black Desert features new abilities of the Drakania – Becomes a fearsome dragon

Throne and Liberty will be out later this year and Tower of Fantasy in two weeks

What happened to the MMORPGs in development?

  • Anime MMORPG Tower of Fantasy surprises with a release announcement, and it’s coming soon. The MMO launches on August 10th and celebrates over 3 million pre-registrations.
  • The highly anticipated action MMORPG Throne and Liberty, formerly known as Project TL, is scheduled for release in 2022, the developer says.
  • Our editor Alexander Leitsch was able to play the PvE MMORPG Embers Adrift and thinks it has a very special appeal.
  • Riot Games bought the sandbox MMORPG Hytale in 2020, which is reminiscent of Minecraft. The game was supposed to be released in 2023, but has now been postponed indefinitely.
  • Feel-good MMORPG Palia launches its second alpha (via
  • Ashes of Creation shows off a new biome and proves that desert doesn’t have to be boring (via massivelyop).
  • Time-travel MMORPG Into the Echo is postponing its next alpha test due to technical difficulties (via massivelyop).
  • Old-school sandbox MMORPG Ethyrian Echoes of Yore has managed to strike a deal with publisher Freedom Games (via massivelyop).
  • Few MMORPGs in development have had more scandals than Chronicles of Elyria. Now, the developers have admitted they’ve actually been out of money since 2021 (via massivelyop).
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That was the news of the week at a glance. What was your personal highlight? Did you experience anything else exciting this week? Or have we perhaps forgotten something important? Write it to us in the comments here on MeinMMO.

Our editor Benedict Grothaus is also happy to tell you why in a perfect world World of Warhammer would be the biggest MMORPG.