You can currently try these games for free on Steam

You can currently try these games for free on Steam

In addition to the generous offer from Epic, which gives you two games every week, you will always get free games on Steam, whether permanent or temporary Try out. In times when not every game is a demo gets and you can hardly save yourself from the flood of new releases, this is a welcome tool for finding new titles.

Valve’s sales platform also currently has several games to offer that you test for free can without having to pay a weary mark for it. However, speed is now the order of the day: two of the current free titles are only available until tomorrow, August 1st at 7 p.m can be tried out for free before they disappear behind a paywall again.

Try it for free on Steam: strategy in a double pack

If you feel like you’re in the wild west due to the heat waves that are currently recurring, you can thank the gunslinger simulation Hard West now complete: Im turn-based Wild West adventure you duel with up to four characters at the same time. If you got thirsty for the permanent full version when entering the digital saloon: Until August 4th you can get Hard West for an unbelievable 1.99 euros instead of 19.99 euros.

Also at Northgard your gray cells and your tactical skills are in demand: That viking game lures with influences of Norse mythology and lets you lead the Northmen, decorated with horned helmets, into battle. If you can’t get enough of the rough life of the Vikings: Northgard is reduced from 27.99 euros to 6.99 euros until August 7th.

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Also the Starter Edition of for honour is currently free – you can still play the various single player and multiplayer modes until August 3rd try it for free and plunge into the epic battles. If you like the turmoil of war, a quick purchase decision pays off: Also until August 3, you can get the Starter Edition for 3.74 euros instead of 14.99 euros and the Standard Edition for 4.49 euros instead of 29.99 euros save even more!