Stray: Find all 8 Sheet Music – Collectibles tips

Stray: Find all 8 Sheet Music - Collectibles tips

Find all sheet music in Stray for PS5, PC or PlayStation 4: We give you tips on the music sheets in the cat adventure. As soon as you enter the slums, you will automatically reach the guard. This then switches the alarm off again. To the left of the Warden’s garage sits the guitarist Morusque. Unfortunately, he cannot play without sheet music. So you get him a total of eight sheets of music, which are distributed over apartments or balconies in the slums. If you want to get the Music Badge, collect all 8 Music Sheets by the end of Chapter 6. Once you’ve gotten all of the Music Theory collectibles, you’ll also unlock the Meowlody Silver Trophy. By the way, in our test for Stray you will find out all the strengths and weaknesses of the apocalyptic game hit.

Stray Tips: All locations of the 8 sheet music

All locations of the collectibles in the PS5 cat adventure Stray (buy now ) at a glance.

sheet music 1

The first sheet of music can be found in Momo’s apartment. Once Chapter 4 begins and you’ve entered the slums, make your way to the Warden. He is the only one who talks to you and tells you to go into the apartment. The building with the orange billboard over the city rooftops. Here you ask your drone B-12 for help. Opposite the guard you climb on the right hand side you climb up the vending machine and the air conditioners. Always keep an eye out for the neon sign. Enter Momo’s apartment via the balcony and the small window on the right. In Momo’s apartment you talk to him and then stray past the green radio in the niche on the left and through the lattice into the pantry. Here is the first sheet of music on the shelf.

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sheet music 2

The second sheet of music can be found on the balcony to the right of Clementine’s apartment. To do this, leave Momo’s apartment and take the elevator down with the bucket. Run right over the plank and jump onto the corrugated iron roof opposite. Now take the path on the left in front over the pipe to the balcony. Here you will find the second sheet of music on the table.

sheet music 3

As in ours Stray tips on all codes for safes and doors, you go to Elliot’s repair shop. Scratch the door and go inside. The third sheet of music is hanging straight ahead on the large poster on the left.

sheet music 4

Get an energy drink from the vending machine in the alley to the left of the guard and across from the guitar player. Then run down the stairs to the right of the guard and exchange the energy drink for the fourth sheet of music there at the shop.