Biggest Twitch streamer in the world is charging $200 for secrets everyone knows

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Ninja aka. Tyler Blevins is currently the biggest Twitch streamer. His online course is now designed to help others become successful on the platform

Detroit – With over 18 million followers, Fortnite streamer Ninja has a following unmatched on Twitch to date. Now the streamer and YouTube star has apparently discovered a new source of income that is causing a lot of ridicule on the internet. In an expensive online course, the streamer wants to teach how to be successful on Twitch.

Full name Richard Tyler Blevins
Known as ninja
birthday June 5, 1991
Place of birth Detroit, Michigan, United States
Followers on Twitch 18,365,662 (as of August 2022)
Followers on YouTube 24.1 million (as of July 2021)

Ninja: Streamer releases Twitch masterclass and gets mockery

Why is? The streamer Ninja offers an online course on the website in which he reveals the alleged secret of his success in various explanatory videos. The website has actually been around for a while. Various celebrities give insights into their work and philosophies in fee-based video courses. There are videos by celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay, singing lessons with Mariah Carey and even a class with former US President Bill Clinton. Now Ninja joins the class with his course on the website. However, an annual subscription is required for the site. Cost: about 200 €.

Ninja Now Offering a Masterclass © / Twitch (montage)

What does the course include? The promotional text of the official website reads as follows: “Build your streaming presence in 30 days with famed games streamer Tyler “Ninja” Blevins. During his course, Ninja will walk you through the fundamentals of streaming content, building a brand, and creating meaningful online communities. By the end of this experience, you will have a clear style, voice and vision for the internet’s most popular new stream.”

The YouTuber Drew Gooden then registered on the site and reported what the expensive course was all about. He also makes fun of the course in his video. Overall, the Masterclass offers video content intended to accompany the viewer for a period of 30 days.

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What’s the problem with the Masterclass? During the course of his video, Drew Gooden voiced some criticisms of Ninja’s course. Overall, Ninja gives few tips on how to build a stream personality and talks more about getting expensive equipment. He often talks about making his blue hair color his trademark. However, how this is supposed to help with a Twitch career is unclear.

In addition, many of the lessons seem unstructured and not thought through. Some of his tips cannot be followed at all. For example, Ninja advises in his course to be invited as a guest on a TV show or to play Fortnite online with celebrities. Ironically, Ninja even links to free online tutorials found all over the web in their paid online course. There are numerous videos on YouTube that not only explain what to consider when streaming on Twitch, but also how to set up your technology. These tutorials are often very detailed and, above all, completely free of charge.

What is the community saying about the course? On the internet, too, people seem to be disappointed with the content of the master class. But instead of just making fun of the course, there are also constructive suggestions that get to the bottom of the problem of the master class.

  • Malini Correa comments: “The general problem with Masterclass is that it relies on some of the most famous people in a field to teach their subject without realizing that just because someone is famous and successful doesn’t mean they are is a good teacher […].”
  • FratinandMadrik writes: “It looks to me like Ninja wanted to write an autobiography but was offered a tutorial instead. This isn’t a guide to becoming a successful streamer, Ninja talks about how he became a successful streamer and what elements he attributes it to.”

who is ninja Ninja’s real name is Richard Tyler Blevins and has been the biggest streamer on Twitch in terms of follower numbers for several years. The streamer celebrated its greatest success in 2018, when the Battle Royale game Fortnite had also reached its peak of popularity. At its peak, Ninja streamed to 635,000 live viewers. In the meantime, however, he switched to Microsoft’s streaming platform Mixer until it was discontinued. He was then represented on Twitch again.

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Ninja himself didn’t have an easy time last year, losing out to a large number of viewers. Ninja has long since been overtaken in terms of live viewers and today mostly “only” streams for a few thousand viewers. Still, he remains the biggest Twitch streamer in the world in terms of followers. No other streamer has as many followers as Ninja.