FIFA 23 Demo – Hopes and alternatives to download and release

A screenshot from the FIFA 23 game

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Of: Noah Struthoff

Many fans are hoping for a demo of FIFA 23 so that the latest and last FIFA part can be tested before it is released. What is known about download?

Vancouver – The release of FIFA 23 is fast approaching. Many fans hope for a demo of the game, because with it you can invest at least a few hours in the EA game without having bought it first. In recent years, however, it has not been possible to play a demo version of the respective FIFA part. Is the popular format coming back and what are the alternatives to the FIFA 23 demo?

name of the game FIFA 23
Release (date of first publication) September 29th
Publishers Electronic Arts
series FIFA
platforms PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC, Google Stadia
developer EA Sports
genre football simulation

FIFA 23 Demo: This is the current status of the release and download

Will there be a FIFA 23 demo? This is not yet known. EA has not yet commented on a possible demo. The demo for the FIFA parts usually appears about two weeks before the actual release. So if there was a demo in FIFA 23, it would probably come out around September 13th. Everything about the release of FIFA 23 is here: FIFA 23 release officially revealed – EA confirms date for PS5, Xbox, PC and Switch

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How has it been in recent years? The last demo for a FIFA part was with FIFA 20. There hasn’t been a demo in the last two years. So it remains more than questionable whether EA will change course in recent years and reintroduce a demo for this FIFA part. Since the demo has not yet been announced, you should not initially assume that there will be a free test version for FIFA 23.

FIFA 23 demo coming soon? © Electronic Arts / (Montage)

FIFA 23 Demo: These alternatives are there to be able to play earlier

Alternatively you can use: If you want to play FIFA 23 before the release, then you should buy the Ultimate Edition of FIFA 23. There you get three days of early access and can play the latest FIFA part before the normal release. However, this is not a free trial version, but a special edition of the game that is even 30 euros more expensive than the standard edition.

For a free alternative to play FIFA 23, you will have to wait a few months longer and be lucky. FIFA 22 came to PS Plus for free in May 2022, about eight months after its release. So it could be that FIFA 23 will come to PS Plus sometime after the release. That would probably only happen many months after the release. If you want to save some money on pre-order FIFA 23, you should take advantage of this deal: Pre-order FIFA 23: With this deal you only pay 10 euros