Destiny 2 brings Arkus 3.0 in Season 18 – These 5 Exos will benefit


In Destiny 2 it’s almost time, because Season 18 is slowly in the starting blocks. In order to prepare you perfectly for the upcoming “Arkus 3.0” update, we have listed some Exos that will most likely benefit from it.

What is Arkus 3.0? In Season 18, Bungie could implement the revised version of the Arkus talent for all classes. New aspects, fragments, as well as different grenade options will then ensure that you can better adapt your arc element to your playstyle. As well as the Solar and Void 3.0 changes before it.

When does season 18 start? The new 18th season will start on August 23rd with the weekly reset at 7 p.m. A temporary downtime is to be expected. In the new season there are then for the guardians

  • a new story
  • a legend raid
  • and a new Season Pass that they can level up.

To avoid having to think about a suitable Exo at the last moment, we have selected five Exos that you should definitely keep an eye on when Season 18 starts.

5 Exos you should get for Season 18

We list you a total of one armor exo for each class and two weapon exos that could prove useful in Season 18. Keep in mind that this is our assessment and Bungie could shake up the meta again with season mods. But we give you an approximate direction of what could be good.

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Titan – Shooting Star Harness (Chest Armor)

The Superman Exo for the Titan

Why is the Exo interesting? The Arc Titan’s Thunderclap Super didn’t really score when it was released. The damage was sub-par and just enough to take out a major. With this chest protector, however, the meta changed and many Titans started flying as Superman through strikes, PvP matches or the Gambit, because the Exo significantly increased your Thunderclap impact damage.

With Arkus 3.0, a few subtleties could perhaps ensure that you get your super more often or even use it to cause larger-scale Arkus chains. Definitely the first choice titans should choose with Arkus 3.0.

Where can I get it? This Exo can only be unlocked in Lost Sectors. After the first drop, you can also get this from random exotic engrams.

Hunter – Rot Ranger (helmet)

Destiny 2 Blight Ranger
Maybe an Exo trimmed specifically for Arkus 3.0?

Why is the Exo interesting? This special-looking hunter’s helmet has disappointed many guardians. Equipped, blocked projectiles could be thrown back at your opponents by the Arc Staff. The damage from these shells was also significantly increased, but that wasn’t enough for the hunters and they banished the helmet to their safe.

With Arkus 3.0, the helm could gain strength through appropriate aspects and fragments, earning its place on a worthy Warden’s head. So if you don’t have the helmet yet, now would be a good time to get it.

Where can I get it? From Lost Sectors where you can get hold of an exotic helmet. Inevitably also when completing the “Witch Queen” story on the “Legendary” difficulty level. However, we recommend you try it in the sectors when helmets are active. Because of the campaign, you will continue to receive the Exo with a bad overall armor value.

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Warlock – Escape Artist (Arms)

Destiny 2 Escape Artist
With this Exo you are never alone in battle

Why is the Exo interesting? The warlock’s escape artist exo has been used before by Wardens for ad-clear or PvP. The small Arkus soul is good, but not dominant enough. For the endgame, other exotics are therefore preferred. With Arkus 3.0, however, that little extra turret on your shoulder could gain in power and maybe also trigger Arc Chains if enemies are close enough.

Where can I get it? Through Xur or as a random drop from Exo-Engrams. As well as in Lost Sectors where Gauntlets can be farmed would also be a sure source of specimens.

Thunderlord – Exotic Machine Gun

Destiny 2 Thunderlord
The Veteran from Destiny 1 – The Thunderlord

Why is the Exo interesting? The Thunderlord is known for her Arc Bolts that rain down from above on kills. But the MG can do more. Holding down the trigger increases rate of fire and accuracy. With continuous damage, such as a boss, lightning is even generated more often.

Should Aspects and Fragments benefit from and also boost Lightning, Thunderlord would be a solid option for your build and for the heavy weapon slot. Maybe Bungie packs a few more bullets in the magazine, then this machine gun would be one of the top exotics.

Where can I get it? As a random drop from Exo-Engrams. With a bit of luck, Xur might also have this MG in his weekly shop. You only have to buy the weapon there. The exo-engram offered by Xur could also contain the MG. So try your luck. It could also be that Bungie will bring the “Thunderlord” back to the Halloween event as a playable exo-weapon.

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Risky – Exotic submachine gun

Destiny 2 High Risk
The Little Tesla Coil of Horrors – Risky

Why is the Exo interesting? Risky has always been a useful SMG in areas where Arc could damage you as an element. While equipped and infused with Arc, you gain an Arc Shield, allowing you to withstand more damage.

In addition, your subsequent shots fired will steadily regenerate, so you no longer need to reload when the Arc Conductor perk is active. On top of that, your shots have the chance to chain and thus pass their damage on to unhit targets.

With the right aspects and fragments, you could certainly boost your Warden and provide one or two bonuses.

Where can I get it? To get the Exo, you must complete the quest “A Spark of Hope.” After that you get this MP for free as a reward.

Those were our top 5 Exos to keep an eye on when Arkus 3.0 launches. Do you have any other items that we haven’t listed but that might still be important? Then let us know in the comments and tell us why it could be your choice for Arkus 3.0.