New update in Lost Ark comes with annoying misconception – fans swear: “Great, now I can click 71 times”

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In Lost Ark, the new update on August 3 changed how you can get gold from certain sources. An annoying mistake in reasoning caused a button to be forgotten – which is why players now have to click their fingers sore.

What has changed? With the weekly update in Lost Ark, the game has introduced a mechanic intended to keep fighting bots and “real money traders”. It ensures that you can only use gold from certain sources to a very limited extent for 3 days.

These sources also include characters who have been leveled with a power pass. Any gold they earn will remain locked for the first 3 days after creation. To be able to separate that properly, Lost Ark has also introduced a new currency.

The gold that you cannot spend can be obtained in 50, 20 or 5 gold coins. You can then double-click it and get the corresponding amount of gold.

Annoying misconception causes click madness: But the developers made a small mistake, because an important button was simply forgotten on the new item. Unlike many other items, you cannot use the new coins as stacks.

So if you now get your gold, for example a lot at once from your weekly quests, you have to click for quite a long time until it really is with you. The players, who already have between 50 and 774 gold coins lying around and have to devote themselves to the annoying hard work, curse about this.

After all, while doing so, players can contemplate the beautiful graphics of Lost Ark:

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“I had to click 774 times because I bought the little bags”

How are the players reacting? They’re pretty annoyed right now. Because sometimes they have to click for many minutes just to get the gold they have already earned anyway. The users who choose the small bags for the weekly reward are hit particularly hard.

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Because there you only get the 5 gold coins out. One user even reported 774 pieces, which he then had to click on individually. Even with the middle variant, players sometimes have to open 200 of the coins and even if you take the risk of the large bags, you are not exempt from clicking.

People are primarily annoyed by the error in reasoning itself. “One would only have had to install a single button,” writes a user on reddit and gets a lot of approval. Although almost all commenters assume that the next patch will fix the problem, the players remain annoyed.

What are the fans saying? We would like to give you some of the comments at this point so that you can get an idea of ​​the mood for yourself. you are from two different reddit threads on the subject.

  • FantasticBreakfast writes, “I hope when they fix this they’ll also add a general option to use everything in one stack. The usual 30 at once is far too little with over 700 coins”
  • Sinniee tries to reconcile: “Okay guys, calm down. It could be worse. They just overlooked that and it will definitely be fixed with the next reset.”
  • Janitalia says: “Dunno, it was kind of fun opening it all up. Like a loot explosion. Sorry, just trying to be positive.”
  • Sweaty Painter writes, “You must have actually forgotten the button.”

how do you see it? Have you had to click like crazy, or are you waiting for the next patch? Write it to us in the comments here on MeinMMO.

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