TV stand: The right model for your TV


A TV stand should not only look chic, it must above all be suitable for your television. We will introduce you to various models and explain what you need to consider before you buy.

Stand by Hama for high flexibility

full screen

Hama’s base can be rotated by up to 60 degrees.

Image: © MediaMarktSaturn 2022

With the With the Hama Fullmotion TV stand, you are on the safe side in terms of size. The model is designed for TVs from 32 to 65 inches. For example, if you switch from a small device to a larger model, you don’t have to buy a new stand. The Hama model has a load capacity of up to 40 kilograms and is therefore suitable for numerous flat screen TVs.

The black glass and metal stand offers a lot of flexibility. It can be rotated by up to 60 degrees and its height can be adjusted in three stages. Another highlight: so that annoying cables are not visible, you can simply hide them in the base perfect for home cinema. Besides, there is Anti-slip rubber feet for optimal grip on all surfaces.

Hama full motion TV stand
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Schwaiger easel stand with soundbar mount

A TV stand can become a real eye-catcher. He proves that Easel stand by Schwaiger. The model is suitable for flat screens from 45 to 65 inches and a maximum of 35 kilograms.

What’s special: the easel stand has a three-piece wooden base set and an integrated holder for soundbars up to 10 kilograms. So your soundbar hangs exactly where it belongs under the tv. The universal stand from Schwaiger cannot be adjusted in height, but like the Hama model it can be rotated by up to 60 degrees. You can also store cables in the stand if necessary.

Schwaiger TV set
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Fleximounts stand with glass shelves

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The Fleximounts TV stand has space for a receiver, game console or set-top box.

Image: © MediaMarktSaturn 2022

Of the The Fleximounts TV stand is an all-rounder. It is compatible with most TVs from 32 to 65 inches and can carry up to 40 kilograms. The stand can be rotated left and right by up to 20 degrees, but it is not height-adjustable.

Incidentally, the high-quality TV stand in black is more than just a stand: you can place various devices such as receivers, game consoles or set-top boxes on two high-quality glass shelves and set the scene. You can easily hide the associated cables in the stand.

TV stand from Fleximounts
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VCM Windoxa Maxi for 70 inch TVs

Do you regularly buy new TV sets – and somehow they get bigger every time? With the TV stand VCM Windoxa Maxi you are prepared for most flat screens. It is compatible with both smaller TVs from 32 inches and very large 70-inch devices up to a maximum of 30 kilograms.

The mount can be rotated up to 60 degrees so you have the perfect view of your TV from anywhere in the room. You cannot adjust the height of the stand.

The VCM Windoxa Maxi consists of 10 millimeter thick ESG (single-pane safety glass). It ensures optimal support and high stability. You can also hide various cables on the back of the aluminum tube.

VCM Windoxa Maxi
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Onkron stand with integrated wheels

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Onkron’s stand is very flexible thanks to its castors.

Image: © MediaMarktSaturn 2022

Your TV is between 40 and 70 inches? Then you are with him TV stand from Onkron. Above all, its flexibility is convincing: Thanks to the four lockable wheels, you can move and place the base individually. It is even adjustable in height.

The base is designed for TV sets up to a maximum of 45.5 kilograms and is therefore the “strongest” model in our list. It also has two additional shelves: you can place devices such as receivers, game consoles or set-top boxes on them. The small shelf above the TV offers space for a webcam, for example.

You can easily stow away annoying cables in the stand. And with a separately available adapter, you can tilt the stand up to 10 degrees vertically.

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Onkron TV stand
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You should consider this before buying

If you want to buy a TV stand for your TV, you have to consider a few things. Therefore, clarify the following points before you buy:

  • screen size: Does your TV set fit in the stand? Many TV stands are only compatible with devices up to 55 inches.
  • Weight: Isn’t your TV too heavy for the stand? Check the load capacity of the stand. Many models are designed for televisions up to 30, sometimes up to 45 kilograms.
  • Flexible alignment: There are models that can be rotated left and right. It is even better if the stand can also be adjusted in height and even tilted vertically.
  • Design: With TV stands, for example, you can choose between models Choose stainless steel, aluminium, chrome, plastic or glass components – depending on what suits your interior best. The choice also affects the price.
  • Available space/storage space: Which devices do you want to accommodate in addition to the television? Do you perhaps use a receiver or do you like to gamble on the game console? Some stands offer special shelves for this.