One Piece: Buggy the Clown gets a powerful power-up in manga chapter 1056

spoiler alert

In the pirate epic one piece by mangaka Eiichiro Oda it is common for readers to skip between chapters lots of new information about the world and the changes that took place between two arcs. Well, where the Wa no Kuni Arc has come to an end, we accordingly learn many new things.

This includes some extremely interesting news about the pirate buggy the clownwhich is one of the first opponents of the Straw Hat and has appeared again and again ever since and with sheer infinite happiness rises in the ranks of the underworld. In Manga Chapter 1056 he now gets one again power up the violent kind.

If you haven’t read the manga that far or you’re just watching the anime, which is a bit behind the plot, then we recommend you stop reading at this point, because massive spoilers follow about the latest chapter of One Piece that you might not want to know yet.

One Piece: Buggy becomes more powerful than ever

Since Monkey D Luffy the former kitchen boy of the former pirate king Gold D Roger defeated in battle, he keeps reappearing, always managing to have a better footing than before. Be it through sheer luck or simply because Buggy gets on the strength of his underlings leaves.

They, in turn, think their brave leader is a legend among pirates, because he once served on Roger’s ship, and don’t even question whether their captain has any skills at all. But at least as head of the pirate delegation company Buggy’s Delivery he’s obviously doing quite well.

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This mercenary organization he founded after the government wrongly classified him as a threat and quickly made him one Samurai of the Seas has made. So Buggy was able to unite many strong pirates and rake in a lot of moneywithout having to take action himself, which he found in the new world would certainly be difficult.

With that was the rise of the clown but far from over, because after the final of the Wa no Kuni Arc it was announced who fell Emperor Big Mom and Kaido would replace and that is, after all, Luffy and his old rival Buggy. How he was ever able to obtain this post remains a mystery.

A riddle that might be solved by the News in manga chapter 1056 dissolve, because there we learn that the newly appointed Emperor of the Seas Buggy the 1000 coin clown has new allies to fight for him. According to a poster showing Kid Luffy, the former samurai are now standing Sir Crocodile and Dracule Mihawk at Buggy’s side.

Poster of Buggy, Crocodile and Mihawk, One Piece, Manga Chapter 1056
© Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha

Although Crocodile early in the history of one piece was defeated by Luffy is the owner of the sand fruit Suna Suna no Mi a strong fighter who can stand up to even the biggest pirates. And Mihawk is the best swordsman in the worldmaking him an enormously important ally.

How Buggy managed to win over these powerful pirates is not yet known, but it is most likely related to the fact that the world government the system of the samurai of the seas tipped over and wanted to arrest them recently. Perhaps this was Mihawk and Crocodile’s only chance before the admirals to be sure.

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But the shock doesn’t end there, as Buggy, who now seems to have earned the title of Emperor, uses the wealth of his Pirate Delegation Company to strike at the Navy at his own risk. So he has on well-known members of the Navy offered a bountycausing them to be hunted by pirates.

What do you think? how did buggy manage Mihawk and Crocodiles to win for himself and he is now becoming a serious competitor in the race for the legendary One Piece be?