Digging in the dirt for 100,000 euros – Mr.Beast sends fans on a scavenger hunt

MrBeast in front of a shovel and lots of dollar bills

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Of: Daniel Neubert

The biggest youtuber in the world Mr.Beast did it again and gave away a lot of money to his viewers. This time we had to dig in the dirt.

Kansas, United States – MrBeast is currently the largest YouTube channel in the world and always manages to get people talking through crazy videos and performances. The eccentric influencer usually plays his videos like a game show where his contestants get a chance to win thousands of dollars in cash. In his latest video, he held a real scavenger hunt and had two teams compete in different challenges for $100,000.

Full name James Steven Donaldson
Known as MrBeast
birthday May 7, 1998
Place of birth Kansas, United States
Followers on YouTube 97.8 million (as of July 2022)
channel views 16.1 billion (as of July 2022)

MrBeast: $100,000 buried in the woods somewhere

What is MrBeast’s latest video about? James Steven Donaldson aka. When it comes to entertainment, MrBeast is hard to beat. The American YouTube star is constantly breaking records and hosting one absurd event after the other. In the past, MrBeast hosted a game show recreating the Netflix hit Squid Game or played catch with 100 people and set a half-million dollar prize money. His latest video is again about a lot of money for his participants, but this time he buried $ 100,000 in the forest and made a scavenger hunt out of the search.

MrBeast Buries $100,000 – Lets Fans Fight for It in Scavenger Hunt © Instagram: MrBeast / Unsplash.com (Montage)

As always, his candidates for the riches have to work hard to get the money: MrBeast has once again come up with a series of spectacular obstacles. You’ll have to cut open safes with real lightsabers, negotiate a glue course, defeat Japan’s toughest sumo wrestler and dive down to a sunken ship to get the coordinates.

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MrBeast didn’t even want to upload the video: Curiously, MrBeast didn’t even want to publish the video because it didn’t seem to meet his own standards. What exactly bothered him about the video, he did not reveal. Nevertheless, the YouTube star says he invested over a million dollars in the video. So he “gifted” the video to the YouTuber “Ludwig”, who traveled especially for the filming of MrBeast and has a small cameo appearance there. So the video is not on the MrBeast channel, but it still made it into the YouTube trends right away.

What does MrBeast’s community think of the video? MrBeast manages to keep his community entertained with this video. However, the fast pace at which MrBeast’s videos are cut is also exhausting to watch for some viewers.

  • mirage commented: “Imagine you are the heaviest Japanese sumo wrestler in the world and you have probably worked hard all your life to get this far. And then you only get less than a minute of airtime on a Mr. Beast video.”
  • Gabriel Diniz writes: “I don’t know if it’s just me, but I feel like Mr. Beast’s videos just move way too fast. I don’t have time to absorb the information about everything that is happening. […] It just hurts my head. […]”

MrBeast is a phenomenon: His videos are always based on a simple idea and are clicked millions of times. His secret recipe often consists of the same basic ingredients: a competition, a simple attraction and, above all, an enormous amount of cash that seems within reach. The concept has been working brilliantly for several years and is one thing above all: maximum entertainment without letting boredom arise for even a second.

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