Halo Streamer creates a gaming sensation that leaves me in awe

Halo 2 on Mega Hard without dying: One streamer actually did it.

Halo 2 on Mega Hard without dying: One streamer actually did it.

I’ve seen a few impressive gaming moments and actions. I’m thinking, for example, of no-hit runs in the Dark Souls games or crazy speed runs in Super Mario 64 and Co. But what happened recently REALLY knocked my proverbial shoes off. And when I read it, the first thing I thought was a fake.

Then Streamer Jervalin has succeeded in doing what everyone – myself included, of course – thought was completely impossible: successfully completing Halo 2 in “LASO” mode. But not in any way. But without dying even once.

When hard isn’t hard enough

What does LASO mean? This is an abbreviation for “Legendary All Skulls On”. Legendary is the highest level of difficulty and the skulls are gameplay modifiers that make the shooter even more difficult. For example, one ensures that you can no longer see the HUD and your own weapon, another ensures that the opponents throw significantly more grenades, etc.

However, none of the skulls were activated during Jervalin’s run, because “Envy”, which grants short-term invisibility and would accordingly make the game easier rather than more difficult, was switched off for the run.

Why Halo 2 Deathless LASO is a gaming sensation

And with these settings, Halo 2 becomes an absolute difficulty monster that can drive anyone to the brink of insanity without much tolerance for frustration. I tried this once for fun and didn’t get past the first level. Especially not without dying. On the contrary, my death counter should have been three digits easily.

Because Halo 2 on LASO is so incredibly difficult due to several factors:

  • You have very little energy and die after just a few shots
  • Opponents can withstand significantly more and shoot faster
  • Shield energy only recharges when you hit opponents, i.e. go into close combat
  • There are spots where enemies far away can take out the Master Chief with a single shot (the infamous Sniper Jackals)

Accordingly, the creation of LASO in Halo 2 was conceivable. Without own screen death on the other hand, this is a task that I might have expected of a machine but not of a human being. And the same was true for many others, by the way. Even so much so that completing this LASO challenge A total of $20,000 was exposed. Jervalin collects it now. Well deserved in my opinion, actually that’s still far too little for this performance.

With some tricks to 20,000 dollars

There is also a video of his passage. Among other things, you can see that Jervalin uses a few tricks and glitches during his almost 6.5-hour run, for example he flies to the end boss fight with a Banshee glider, which is actually not intended “normally”. However, that does not change anything about what I consider to be an absolute gaming sensation. You can watch the full video here:

link to YouTube content

In the Halo community, Jervalin has thus achieved absolute legend status, I have rarely seen so much encouragement, admiration, awe and positivity under social media posts as there, which makes the whole topic even more important for me. And along the way, makes Jervalin’s Halo 2 LASO run, without a doubt, one of the most impressive gaming feats I’ve ever seen.

What do you think of the LASO run? Are you as impressed as Tobi?