eSports hotel in China is monitored by artificial intelligence

eSports hotel in China is monitored by artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence has many practical uses and can help people with all kinds of problem solving through self-learning program functions, such as in the Multiplayer shooter Overwatchwhere the use of a machine learning AI made the chat much friendlier and systematically took action against toxic players.

If we think of artificial intelligence in horror movies think, however, we can think of rather dark contemporaries who like HAL 9000 ensure permanent surveillance in Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey and mutate into highly intelligent dangers with arbitrary decisions. The use of an AI in an eSports hotel in China certainly has nothing to do with this, but the thought is difficult to shake off.

eSports hotel in China: Digital playground, training camp and comfort zone

The gigantic and increasingly influential company Tencent are opening their first one this month in collaboration with Ouyu Technology eSports hotel in Hangzhou, China. In a promotional video on Twitter you can see the neon-flooded hotel, including the interior, the different offers and the built-in AI called VEEGY.

VEEGY, the virtual hotel manager, is of course responsible for the well-being of the guests and is present in all areas of the facility: all the hotel’s offers are looked after by VEEGY, which is why the AI ​​accompanies you every step of the way and keeps an eye on you at all times. Regardless of whether guests join a eSports Talent Test undergo, examine current eSports statistics or want to watch videos with recorded tournaments, VEEGY is always at your side with advice and action.

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Who the chilling imaginations of a omnipresent artificial intelligence can ignore, however, should find a paradise for prospective professional athletes in the eSports hotel: there is a heap in the themed rooms eSports-ready hardwarewith which guests can train at any time – whether alone or in a team.