MH Rise: Free Title Update 1 brings an invisible monster

The Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak expansion is highly sought after.

Monster Hunter Rise has been available on PC for a while now, and most recently, players have been able to enjoy a host of new monsters, quests, gear, and more with the new Sunbreak expansion. However, the game is far from over with Sunbreak, as Capcom announced during their Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Digital Event that the first free title update for the title will soon be released.

New update for Monster Hunter Rise will be released tomorrow

Already at August 10th Among other things, four fan-favorite monsters will be added with Title Update 1. Moonlight Nargacuga, who last appeared in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate in 2013, starts here. This Nargacuga variation can refract the moonlight with its light fur, making it almost invisible. Attentive hunters can only spot the monster through its sparkling red eyes. Players will encounter this monster on the completely redesigned Forbidden Tower. Furthermore, the new Bubbling Bazelgeuse stands in the way of the players here, which poses quite a threat with its explosive scales. Especially since this monster has been known to pop up when you’re not prepared for it.

In addition to these two monsters, Title Update 1 also features the Gold Rathian and Silver Rathalos subspecies, which are even more menacing than the originals. In order to keep up with the new monsters, players may need to use the new armor that grants them new abilities.

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Also, the anomaly research quest system has been expanded a bit. Players can now earn a five-star rating on these quests while hunting monsters like Lunagaron and Magma Almudron, which are unlocked through the new Investigate Anomaly quests. These offer players “randomly generated quest conditions, such as target monsters and hunting grounds.” The higher the difficulty of the completed quest, the better the rewards earned.

The new quest system also grants hunters new materials that they can use to further upgrade their equipment with Quirky Crafting. For example, things like attack power and affinities for weapons can be changed by random values.

In addition to the new content in the update, starting August 18, 2022, new event quests and challenging “Double Threats” will be available weekly for players to test their skills with. For fashion-loving hunters, the new DLC options for layered armor, hairstyles, music, and much more are also cause for celebration.