Player reaches Paragon 150 in Diablo Immortal, revealing new talents and a secret mechanic

Diablo Immortal Mastermind Paragon tree

Diablo Immortal has been offering content since release that can only be achieved through enormous grind. The first players have now reached the required level and show what everyone else can work towards. Huge advantages are not waiting for you, however.

These are the new talents: The player and reddit user staplepies has on reddit Shown images of the two new Paragon talent trees, Soldier and Mastermind. Both are only available once you reach Paragon 150, before which they cannot be viewed in-game.

Both talent trees offer standard skills such as increased life, armor, damage and more. However, they each have special orientations:

  • Soldier seems to be more for tanks. For example, you take less damage for nearby party members, you heal for party members, or you give them protection when you die. You also deal more damage when your group kills players in PvP.
  • Masterful offers special effects when 4 different classes are represented in the group – such as increased damage, vulnerability to bosses or damage reduction.

By the way, since the big update 1.5.2 you can easily change your class in Diablo Immortal.

That staplepies reached Paragon 150 at all is quite an achievement. Supposedly there is a “true” XP cap in Diablo Immortal that completely prevents leveling above a certain value. But the player has found another treat.

This is the secret mechanic: According to staplepies, it’s possible to wear the same ring twice starting at Paragon 150. Rings are important parts of sets, however the same ring does not count twice towards the set bonus. So you renounce it.

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But that should be useful if you don’t need the set effects as badly as strong secondary values ​​or special effects on a ring.

With Paragon 150, staplepies is already playing on Hell 4, the second highest level of difficulty. This means that another package is available in the shop, as he writes. For $39.99 he gets:

  • 2,400 Eternal Orbs
  • 13 Legendary Emblems
  • 6 Rare Emblems
  • 120 Apprentice Keys

Since many players are currently still stuck in Hell 3, they are grateful for the information from frequent players who grind for hours. However, no one seems to see a huge benefit in the new talent trees or the ability to wear the same ring twice.

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New talent trees offer alternatives, but are not too strong

Here’s what fans think of it: At least with the rings, some users see the potential to exploit them. It is possible, for example, to make a copy of the class change. It remains to be seen whether this is really what is intended.

Check out our Diablo Immortal tier list for the best classes in the game. In the gameplay we introduce you to all 6 classes:

Diablo Immortal: All 6 classes at a glance with gameplay

The new talent trees, on the other hand, are not necessarily overwhelming. Where some may have thought that frequent players and whales would get an advantage, they are rather disillusioned, sometimes even disappointed.

Mastery brings interesting opportunities for groups, but the buffs are hardly worth simply stacking stronger classes.

Since both trees are also aimed at groups, they are rather indifferent to solo players in particular. Many are already deciding that they’re more likely to stick with the Paragon trees they’ve already chosen and loved.

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Teamwork is an important factor in Diablo Immortal anyway, which is currently fraying a bit – and that’s a big problem that’s potentially growing:

Ancient system blocks progress in Diablo Immortal – players wish they could do more alone