Eddie Hearn praises Jake Paul and KSI: “Jake is on another level” – Dexerto

Eddie Hearn praises Jake Paul and KSI: "Jake is on another level" - Dexerto

Iconic sports promoter Eddie Hearn has claimed that Jake Paul will emerge victorious during his boxing match with YouTuber KSI, though he did stress that he considers both boxers “unbelievably brilliant.”

Longtime rivals Jake Paul and Sidemen member KSI have finally agreed to meet in the ring after a viral exchange on Twitter following the departure of their original opponents Hasim Rahman Jr. and Alex Wassabi.

While Jake has more boxing wins to his name, KSI has also proven to be a tough opponent. He faced Paul’s second brother, Logan, twice in 2018 and 2019.

However, boxer Eddie Hearn believes Jake will ultimately win the fight due to his “ego” and “fitness.”

Eddie Hearn thinks Jake Paul will win against KSI

On August 8, Hearn was asked about his prediction regarding Jake’s fight with KSI at the happy hour podcast. He stated that “KSI is highly unlikely” to win the highly anticipated fight given how Jake’s boxing career has developed in recent years.

Hearn added: “It’s a very easy fight for Jake Paul at the level he’s been boxing now with what he’s been doing in the gym. He has been doing this now for like 2 years constantly training, fighting, improving. He has made many improvements. He is a great fighter.”

However, Hearn argued that boxing is not as “detrimental” to KSI’s career compared to Jake’s. Not to mention, given his incredible YouTube career, there is another “world” for him outside of sports.

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Hearn added that he considers KSI to be a “genius” having built such a strong career on YouTube and that he “really” respects him for his work.

“Jake is different,” he explained. “Jake can fight. KSI and Logan Paul aren’t terrible, but Jake is on another level.”

Jake seems to be the clear winner in Hearn’s eyes. He though he admitted that KSI could still give us all a surprise win at Wembley in 2023.