Toniebox accessories: Cool bags, shelves & more for Box & Tonies


What to do with all the tonies? With the right Toniebox accessories, you can finally create order in the children’s room. And you make the creative audio player even more versatile.

By Sven Wernicke

The Toniebox has already conquered millions of children’s hearts. That’s no wonder, because the likeable concept also lets the very young offspring decide for themselves which melodies and radio plays should be played: simply place a Tonie figure on the box and off you go.

But over time, countless such figures accumulate. And what if your children want to take their Toniebox with them on a long drive? The small figures want to be stowed away. Pretty shelves, practical bags and cables as well as other little helpers ensure order and get even more out of the Toniebox.

Boarti Collection Dino: dinosaurs for the children’s room

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The Dino shelf not only offers plenty of space for Tonies, but also looks really chic.

Image: © Boarti 2022

Wuaaaaaaarrrrhhh! This dino not only looks great in the children’s room, it also serves a purpose. Because it is a stylish shelf that can accommodate up to 45 figures and the Toniebox. The shelf consists of the dinosaur and four small shelves in the form of leaves and footprints. You can mount these flexibly on the wall.

Thanks to several pre-drilled holes, attachment is quick and easy. There is even a holder for the Toniebox charging station. Nice detail: With small metal strips you can also place some figures at an angle on the shelf.

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Per against
+ Amusing shelf for lots of tonies and the toniebox – High price
+ Made of natural wood

Boarti Collection Dino
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Tonie-Laucher: Child-friendly headphones

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The Tonie eavesdroppers are available in the right color for the Toniebox.

Image: © Tonies 2022

You can connect headphones to the Toniebox via the 3.5 mm jack. The ones from the manufacturer are particularly beautiful Tonie eavesdroppers – they are available in the colors of the Toniebox. They are also easy on sensitive children’s ears: you can limit the volume to 85 decibels.

The Tonie eavesdroppers have a robust design and can be adapted to different head sizes – very practical, since the offspring are still growing.

Per against
+ Match the color perfectly to the Toniebox – No wireless connection possible
+ Optional volume limit
+ Detachable jack cable

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Tonies bag Transporter: Ideal for on the go

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Up to 20 figures fit into the official Tonies bag.

Image: © Tonies 2022

Do your children want to take their most important tonies with them on vacation or to their grandparents? Then this one Tonie’s transport bag is particularly practical: it offers space for 20 Tonie figures in eight sturdy mesh pockets.

The details are also consistent: the zip, for example, has the typical Tonie head design. The robust outer material is available in different colors – all coordinated with the colors of the Toniebox. A carrying handle facilitates transport.

Per against
+ Different colors to match every Toniebox
+ Robust and stable
+ Space for up to 20 Tonies

Tonies bag Transporter
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Tonies mini bags: sweet companions for all situations

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The mini bags are available in six different designs.

Image: © Tonies 2022

In the sweet Tonies mini bags can accommodate up to three figures. That’s enough if your son or daughter wants to have the latest audio books with them on the go. Of course, other treasures can also be stowed away in the small bags.

The mini bags are available as fairy, monster, yeti, princess, pirate and superhero. There should be something for every taste. Clever: Thanks to the safety locks, your child won’t get caught anywhere. The click closure minimizes the risk of injury.

Per against
+ Available in six fun designs – Only room for three Tonies
+ Length-adjustable cord
+ With safety locks

Tony’s mini bag
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Wicked Chili Toniebox car charger: Energy for the car journey

toaniebox-accessories-tonies-car charger
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With the Wicked Chili car charger, the Toniebox doesn’t run out of power, even when you’re on the go.

Image: © Wicked Chili 2022

The Toniebox should not be missing on holiday. If you want to keep your offspring company during a long drive or if you want to charge the loudspeaker in the car, you need a suitable cable – the one from Wicked Chili for example.

Use the car charger to connect the Toniebox to the cigarette lighter. The cable is suitable for 12 V and 24 V operation, i.e. for almost all vehicles, trucks and mobile homes. The charger is protected against overvoltage, overcurrent and short circuit.

Per against
+ 1.5 meter long cable
+ Suitable for 12 and 24 V connections
+ With LED light display

Wicked Chili Toniebox car charger
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Tonie’s decorative film for more individuality

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Tonie’s decorative foils give the Toniebox an individual look.

Image: © Tonies 2022

The Tonieboxes may look great, but an individual touch couldn’t hurt. You get a cool touch with one Decorative film to stick on. There are six themes, including pirate ship, rainbow, spaceship and hero city.

The adhesive foils are waterproof and scratch-resistant, so they also protect the Toniebox. Nevertheless, the films can be removed without leaving any residue, so you can change them at any time. It can therefore be worthwhile to own several motifs.

Per against
+ In the original design of the Tonieboxes – Only six designs
+ Protects the Toniebox from scratches
+ Easily removable again

Tony’s decorative foils
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Tonies Tribune: Tonies stick everywhere

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The Tonies cut a good figure in the stands.

Image: © Tonies 2022

If you want to present your children’s Tonies in an unusual way, this is recommended grandstand. Thanks to the magnetic surface, you and your offspring can decide whether the figures should stand or hang. Vertical, horizontal or upside down – the choice is yours.

The scope of delivery includes 25 Tonie magnets with different motifs, which you can use for additional decoration.

Per against
+ Additional magnets for customization
+ Easy to assemble shelf

Tony’s grandstand
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