WoW: Treasury bug – player receives Karazhan item with item level 51

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from Sebastian Glanzer
An unpleasant bug affects fabric carriers in WoW: Shadowlands. Karazhan boss Attumen’s shoes are offered in the treasury at the current Legion item level rather than the current Shadowlands item level.

We recently reported that in WoW: Shadowlands you can also get the very old items from the Convert Karazhan version of Legion to current set items and can get the templates for mogging. Practical, because it’s much easier that way than if you have to farm a season 4 item for the transmog collection.

This alleged bug crept into Season 4 as the two Karazhan parts were included in the Shadowlands Mythic Plus rotation. Here the Blizzard developers have probably squandered something in the code. You can overlook such a mistake, since it is only possible transmog gimmicks. However, it gets bitter when you are offered a reward from the Legion Karazhan instead of the item with the current item level.

Karazhan bug also affects the Great Treasury

According to the authors of WoWHead there are several reports from players using the item Silent Soles of the Wilderness Stalker with item level 51 or lower were offered in this week’s treasury. concerned Players are advised not to claim their treasury reward just yet and wait for a possible hotfix.

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