Cinema, series & TV: One Piece Film: Red wants to conquer the hearts of fans in Europe

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One Piece Film: Red aims to win the hearts of European fans after breaking box office records in Japan.

One Piece’s voice has never been louder than it is today! The August 6 release of One Piece Film: Red in Japan was a huge success. The film already grossed 2,254,237,030 JPY (approx. 16,530,320 Euro) in its first weekend. In just two days, 1,579,552 people saw the film in cinemas.

It’s time for One Piece, the longest-running series in Toei Animation’s history, to reach a new milestone and capture the hearts of European audiences.

Toei Animation Europe and its partners have prepared events and premieres for the film that will include meet-and-greets for both long-time fans and newcomers.

“Last weekend saw the official launch of One Piece Film: Red in Japan. At the same time, the film also celebrated its premiere in France with a special advance screening at Le Grand Rex – in Germany the theatrical release is scheduled for October 13th. Many more demonstrations and activities will take place across Europe in the coming months, including retail events, concerts, film screenings and much more. Regularly published news will inform what is happening and planned in the regional markets. It’s the best way to celebrate the biggest brand in entertainment,” said Ryuji Kochi, President of Toei Animation Europe.

A cross-media phenomenon: In July 2022, One Piece celebrated the 25th anniversary of its first appearance as a manga in Shonen Jump in 1997.

As of July 2022, the total number of copies sold worldwide exceeds 500 million. The global phenomenon is as strong as it was when the first One Piece episode aired in Japan in 1999, with staunch legions of fans and celebrity followers in every corner of the world.

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With more than 1,000 episodes aired in 80 countries13 released feature films and the Guinness World Record awarded to manga creator Eiichiro Oda for “Most published copies of the same comic series by a single author”, One Piece has become firmly established in the cultural landscape of an entire generation.

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