Editorial (July 2022) – News

Editorial (July 2022) - News

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July is already long forgotten, deep past, August in full swing – and Jörg has thought, among other things, how GamersGlobal.de would look like purely ad-financed..

Welcome to another editorial! Although I know that the chance that more than two of the numerous GamersGlobal visitors without a premium subscription are reading this is very small, but hello A and hello B, I am happy to write it for you both (and maybe also for the one or the other premium user who thinks about the meaning and purpose of the same): A premium subscription supports everything we do – every news, every video, every article, every podcast – because if we had to live purely on advertising revenue, we could we fund the operations of GamersGlobal for only about one day per month.

What an ad-supported GamersGlobal would look like
If you work hard, you can get quite a lot done in a day. Colleague Dennis could test a new game for 8 hours. Unfortunately, you would then have to wait a full month for the next funded day to read and watch the test – because editing the video and formulating/illustrating the text takes another half a day to a whole day, depending on the scope. After all: In the second month Dennis could still take part in a podcast and edit it.

For example, Hagen would cut an hour of the critics on his one day a month after Heinrich and I recorded it. In my remaining six hours, I could manage to create an issue of “Photos of the Month.” There you go: 1 test every two months, 1 podcast per month, 1 hour of the critics and 1 photo of the month. That would be in there – but no comments, news or anything else – if we only had to deny GG from our advertising revenue. Quite apart from the fact that we can’t rent our office just one day a month…

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Dear subscribers and not yet Premium subscribers: It really makes a difference whether you support us or not – even and especially if you don’t consume every single one of our content.

Incidentally, I know that the decision to justify “luxury expenses” is not necessarily easy, even if it’s only 5 or 10 euros. We also pay more and more money for food privately and anxiously await the …


You can also check out several other premium content for free: every month we update our premium samples with complete content from the previous month. In the following we list our subscription variants, you can also take out a subscription directly here.




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