Elden Ring Letsplay #75: The Mountaintop of the Giants – video

Elden Ring Letsplay #75: The Mountaintop of the Giants - video

Action: Elden Ring [beendet]


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Jörg takes his first steps through the deep snow into the new area. He’s ready to fight as always, but first someone wants to talk to him instead of attacking him for a change.

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This Letsplay is financed via crowdfunding. From now on there is a new cycle, new episodes always appear on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

The guard could only look stupid when Jörg cunningly jumped into Rold’s big elevator. Now he stands on top of the world. Before he competes with the opponents there, he meets an NPC with a new name and sits down with Melina for a round.

How often vagabond knight Jörg was allowed to breathe his last in the intermediate lands, tells you our death counter. Thanks for this feature to the Keeper of the Book of Death Micah and the Mythic Visualizer ChrisL. It is updated some time after the release of the respective episode.

In this letsplay, you can follow Jörg using his notorious sense of direction to explore the vastness of the Elden Ring and strike fear into the numerous bosses in the game (for once, it might go the other way around). He starts in offline mode, so he does without the help of summonable players and the omnipresent messages from other players. If he does get tips, it’ll be from you in the comments (but please refrain from spoilers).

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The goal of the journey looming in the distance: to become the new Lord of the Elden. The world of Elden Ring was created with the contribution of George RR Martin, but the narrative is nebulous, as always with From Software. So what’s the point? In the intermediate lands it was very cozy under the leadership of the god queen Marika and the blessing of the earth tree. Then, however, the rune of death was stolen and shortly afterwards a demigod was killed for the first time. Since trouble rarely comes alone, the Elden Ring was destroyed shortly after and Marika disappeared. The Children of Marika snatched up the largest fragments of the Elden Ring and fought over it.

The chaos that followed the shattering of the Elden Ring caused the Between Lands to collapse and now once-forsaken warriors to reawaken from death. Some of these undead – the so-called Tainted – are guided by lights, at the mercy of the Earth Tree. You have the potential to unite the pieces of the Elden ring, become the next Elden Lord (or Elden Lady) and fix the whole mess. There are also other vocabulary such as the Golden Order and the Two Fingers, which only become clear as the game progresses – or not if you don’t visit the right corners and read the right item descriptions.

As you can already guess, in order to achieve this goal, it is not enough to submit the A38 pass to the Office for Elden Affairs. Instead, our hero Jörg must use sword and magic to snatch the runes from the deadly enemies in the world and use them to become stronger. However, if he dies, he loses all runes and must retrieve them from the place of his death. It doesn’t just sound like that Dark Souls: Despite the new name and new settings, Elden Ring is the unofficial fourth Dark Souls, only with various large and small changes. The open world is clearly one of the most important.

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When it comes to Dark Souls, Jörg is already quite used to it, he has it here on GamersGlobal in Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 as well as in Demon’s Souls experienced defeats and moments of triumph on PS3. Will the blissful love affair (turning into deep hate at times) between Joerg and the Souls games remain the same, or will the open world of Elden Ring turn the dynamic between the game and Joerg upside down?