Elden Ring: Modder shows early build with debug mode in live stream

Elden Ring: Modder shows early build with debug mode in live stream

from Michael Miskulin
A well-known modder has presented a pre-release version of Elden Ring in a Twitch livestream. In addition, he could activate the debug mode, which also allowed a free camera.

An early build of the hit action RPG Elden Ring has been featured in a new live stream that shows many of the changes implemented with the final version of the game. This pre-release build was showcased by popular hacker/modder and Twitch streamer “Lance McDonald” in a 4+ hour Twitch livestream. McDonald is best known for its Soulsborne data mining.

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The pre-release version of Elden Ringwho have favourited McDonalds featured on Twitch, was created two months before the game was released. The modder also managed to enable debug mode, which serves to clarify some of the differences between this early version and the final version. The modder confirmed that this early build has a whole bunch of unfinished content, including various items, enemies, and mechanics not found in the current version of Elden Ring, as well as a full debug camera.

In conversation with NME.com During his stream, McDonald explained how he got access to the version: “This is my own work, I’ve patched the game to enable this feature, I’ve ported a bunch of code to make this work, it’s just the build of the game. He also explained that the pre-release version of the game runs “with the network test UI” and that he’s playing on a jailbroken PS4. The stream showed the first few hours of Elden Ring with the debug camera mode. McDonald was able to use the camera during the activate the game, allowing him to move freely.

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